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  • Are You Interested in a Career in Physical Fitness?

    }} Become}a}professional}group}exercise}leader}and/or}personal}fitness}trainer

    }} Establish}your}career}in}the}growing}health,}wellness}and}fitness}industry

    }} Prepare}to}earn}nationally-recognized}certifications

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    Program SpecificsPROGRAM PROFICIENCIES (see CNM Catalog) English 2 Proficiency Math 2 Proficiency Reading 2 Proficiency

    REQUIRED PROGRAM COURSES* CREDITSBIO 1310 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Non-Majors 3 BIO 1392 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Non-Majors Lab 1* Must be taken before Term 1 TERM 1 (Fall only) CREDITSFITT 1010 Foundations of Exercise Science 3FITT 1071 The Business of Personal Fitness Training 3FITT 1072 Kinesiology 3Fitness Elective (see list) 1 TERM 2 (Spring only) CREDITSFITT 1098 Fitness Technician Field Experience 3OrFITT 1095 Cooperative EducationFITT 1503 Sport Safety Training 1FITT 1570 Applied Nutrition for Sport and Exercise 3 OrNUTR 1020 Sports Nutrition FITT 1572 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription 3FITT 1575 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations 3FITT 2492 Group Exercise Leadership Preparation 1 Certificate of Completion in Fitness Technician 28 NOTE: see HWPS School Advisor for updates. Attending a Fitness Program Information Session is strongly recommended; see website for schedule.

    APPROVED FITNESS ELECTIVES CREDITSCSE 1101 College Success 3FITT 1092 Cardio Kick 1FITT 1093 Weight Training for Women 1FITT 1097 Independent Study 1-6FITT 1192 Body Sculpting 1FITT 1193 Beginning Step Aerobics 1FITT 1292 Boxing Conditioning 1FITT 1293 Fall Prevention Training for Older Adults 1FITT 1393 Flexibility Training 1FITT 1492 Step/Circuit Combo 1FITT 1493 Fit Ball Training 1FITT 1592 Step/Kick Combo 1FITT 1593 Hatha Yoga 1FITT 1692 Beginning Country Western Dance 1FITT 1693 Core Fitness 1FITT 1792 Physical Fitness I 1FITT 1793 Core Yoga 1FITT 1892 Fitness for Older Adults 1FITT 1893 Healing Hatha Yoga Stretch and Breathe 1FITT 1992 Circuit Training 1FITT 1993 Ultimate Frisbee 1FITT 2092 Physical Fitness II 1FITT 2093 Extreme Conditioning 1FITT 2096-2996 Special Topics 1-6 FITT 2192 Fitness for Older Adults II 1FITT 2292 Fitness Yoga 1FITT 2392 Pliates-Style Mat Training 1

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    Brochure funded by the Carl D. Perkins Career Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 and the

    New Mexico Public Education Department

    School of Health, Wellness & Public SafetyJOBS with a FUTURE: Fitness

    Fitness TechnicianCertificate of Completion - 2 Terms

    REV 10/11

  • Why Fitness? The face of the fitness industry is changing, from an emphasis on personal training for young adults to one of exercise leadership for a broader population, especially focusing on older adults (baby boomers) and people going through rehabilitation after injuries, accidents and/or medical problems. Professionals in the industry need the knowledge and skills to prescribe and supervise safe, effective, healthy exercise programs for their clients.

    Qualified fitness technicians will play a key part in the healthcare industry as it continues to emphasize preventive medicine and lifestyle change to increase health and reduce costs. A fitness technician must be knowledgeable in many areas and able to fulfill the roles of educator, motivator, coach and businessperson. In addition, sales expertise is required for success when working at gyms and sports clubs or as an independent contractor/sole proprietor.

    Benefits of a career as an exercise leader and fitness trainer include:

    }} Employment}in}one}of}the}top}industries,}rated}by}job}numbers}and}growth}rate}

    }} The}opportunity}to}live}a}healthy,}active}life}at}work}instead}of}sitting}behind}a}desk

    }} Knowing}that}you}are}helping}people}live}longer,}healthier,}more}active}lives

    }} The}chance}to}choose}between}the}healthcare}and}recreational}fields}or}combine}them

    }} Ideal}career}choice}for}people}desiring}rewarding}part-time}employment

    Program ProfileThe Fitness Technician program at Central New Mexico Community College is an intense, comprehensive career pathway that prepares graduates for success in the field. Students can earn the certificate in two terms of full-time study, starting in the fall term and finishing the following spring. Some people attend part-time and take longer to complete the process.

    Students learn to assess individual physical fitness and health and to prescribe and implement an appropriate exercise program following industry standards. They also receive thorough preparation for nationally-recognized certification exams, develop a business plan for a career in fitness and gain experience in work-related skills and behaviors through participation in required and elective fitness courses and field experience.

    Certification ExamsGraduates of the Fitness Technician Program who choose to pursue national certifications must independently pay for, and successfully sit for, those exams. Graduates of the Fitness Technician Program will demonstrate a high degree of readiness to pass the following exams:

    National Strength and Conditioning Association-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)

    American College of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT)

    Aerobics and Fitness Association of America-Primary Group Exercise Certification

    American College of Exercise-Group Fitness Instructor Certification.

    Employment Outlook

    This program prepares students to work as group exercise leaders/instructors and/or personal fitness trainers. With the programs comprehensive curriculum, graduates will be better qualified than most people working in the field to conduct safe, effective exercise programs for all populations.

    Nearly 400 openings are projected in this field in New Mexico over the next four years. Graduates may work for a variety of employers. The largest and fastest-growing job sector is in fitness gyms and recreational sports centers; other opportunities include civic and social organizations, local government, casinos and other amusement industries, golf and country clubs, hospitals, assisted living and retirement centers. Group exercise instructor pay ranges from $12-$25 per class; some specialties pay more. The floor rate for personal fitness trainers is $8-$9/hour, with a 45-60% commission. Independent contractors start at $50/hour.


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