progetto lauree scientifiche a program to support hard science degrees in italy

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Progetto Lauree Scientifiche a program to support hard science degrees in Italy. Michele A. Floriano Università di Palermp Italy and ECTN Basis & Motivations. E. C. Commission. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Progetto Lauree Scientifiche a program to support hard science degrees in ItalyMichele A. FlorianoUniversit di Palermp Italy and

  • Basis & MotivationsIn a 2003 Communication from the Commission of the European Community it is stated that . Education and training are crucial to achieving the strategic goal of the Lisbon declaration to make the European Union the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy (and society). E. C. Commission

  • Eurobarometer survey2005

  • The ProjectLaunched in June 2005Duration: school years 2005-06 & 2006-07

  • Activity fields

  • ActionsStudents Guidance and Teacher Training in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Materials ScienceStage, Job Placement and Master in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Materials ScienceGrants for freshmen in Chemistry, Physics & MathematicsOpinion Surveys and general Monitoring of the Progetto

  • Budget ( 11 M)from the Ministry & UniversitiesStudents Guidance and Teacher Training 5.9 M & 2.0 M Stage, Job Placement and Master 0.8 M & 0.2 M Grants for freshmen 1.3 M & 0.3 M Opinion Surveys and general Monitoring 0.3 M & 0.1 M

  • Overall PLS38 Universities121 local units

  • ChemistryNational project coordinated by:Prof. Ulderico SegreUniversit di Modena e Reggio Emilia

  • 1. Students Guidance and Teacher TrainingExperimental labs for studentsCourses for science teachersInformation booklets, videos and Web sites Visits to University labsDemonstrations, lectures and talks

  • 1.1Experimental labs for studentsThe experiments are designed and the labs are organized jointly by School and University teachers in each local unitDifferent local experiences will be compared between them at the end of the 2-nd year

  • PLS ChemistryUniversity of NaplesSchool students stages at the UniversityLabs in Schools:Setup at the UniversityTake Labs to SchoolsJoint group of school and University teachers sets up lab experimentsExpert teachers help school teachers with poor laboratory resources

  • Labs in School Chemistry NaplesTeachers first perform experiments at University: they know what to doFull specifications in pdf files produced by teachersLab kits are provided by the University for schools missing resourcesFor more information (in Italian only):

  • Lab Kit for School Chemistry NaplesExperiment:Prepare solutions by weighing and by dilution; Compare color and concentrationKit content:Glassware (graded cylinders, flasks, funnel, pipette)Chemicals (copper sulfate, copper nitrate, ethanol, distilled water)Filter paper; Slice; Balance container.Printed instructions, with questions and safety rules

  • 1.2 Courses for science teachersAttendance: mainly by teachers which do not have a Chemistry degreeContents: An experimental approach to teaching ChemistryDifferent local experiences will be compared at the end of the 2nd year

  • 1.3Information booklets, videos and Web sites

  • 1.3Information booklets, videos and Web sitesLife withoutChemistry?

  • International Chemistry Olympiad - IChOThe students participating to the Italy regional selections for the 2006 edition of IChO have been asked to fill in a questionnaire on their opinions regarding the bachelor degree in ChemistryMore than 4000 students gave their opinions

  • International Chemistry Olympiad - IChOOpinions about Chemistry studies (4000 high school stud.)

    Are you planning to enroll in Chemistry at the University?DONT KNOW49NO32YES19

  • International Chemistry Olympiad - IChO

    In your opinion:


    a) the main negative side of the Chemistry studies is

    learning difficulty


    lack of jobs


    poor wages


    b) the main positive side of the Chemistry studies is

    to travel round the world in research centers


    cultural interests


    possibility of self-employment


    easy job


    good wages


    c) which action should be undertaken to stimulate the interest to Chemistry studies?

    stage with a University or research center


    more experimental or practical work


    more interested teachers


    more time for Chemistry lessons


    popular works about Chemistry


    scientific programmes in TV


    lectures at the school by Chemistry researchers


  • ConclusionsIt seems that we are doingwhat students thinkthat should be done

  • Conclusions


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