Presentation of “My VDAB” Budapest, April 7th, 2011 Erik Depuydt ( )

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Presentation of My VDAB Budapest, April 7th, 2011 Erik Depuydt ( ). Find job. Offer job. Training. Career. My VDAB. My VDAB: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presentation of My VDAB Budapest, April 7th, 2011 Erik Depuydt (

  • Find jobMy VDABOffer jobCareerTraining

  • My VDAB for jobseekers

    My VDAB: - Filemanager & Personal workspace - register as a jobseeker and manage official file - create, manage and publish cv's in the cv database - apply on line for jobs

    Free use of pc's in the local jobshops!!!

  • My VDAB: registration as a jobseekeruse of the national number to identify password is generated automatically password has to be changed during first log in into My VDAB File(manager) is the official file and is used by both jobseeker and job adviser

  • filemanagerpersonal spacetraining coursesfor jobseekers

  • personal datacontact datacurrent situationfilemanager

  • languageseducationcertificatespapers, trainingoffice software

  • change levelremoveadd languagelanguages

  • work experiencepreferred jobsadd competences

  • add competences

  • work experiencepreferred jobsdriving licenceadd competences

  • regionspecific requirements

  • Once my registration completed the automatic matching software will search jobs for me on the basis of my profile

  • publish cvKISS (cv database) = Candidate Information & Selection System

  • start matchingcv published

  • filemanagerpersonal spacetraining courses

  • personal space

  • overview cvsoverview referencesoverview documentsMay be used to apply on line for a job

  • personal spaceupload video cv

  • occupationregioneducationfull/part-timecontractdatekeywordsFind a job

  • administrationshow jobshigher technical trainingpermanent jobregion: Flanders

  • refineshow jobs

  • apply on line

  • add cv, references and documents

  • send

  • save search criteria Receive new fitting vacancies by - e-mail - sms - rss

  • my saved searches

  • My VDAB for EmployersMasterVac (Master Vacancies):- input jobs and have them published automatically on the VDAB website and jobcomputers - manage vacancies search in the cv database for suitable candidates and contact them save searches and receive updates with new candidates see how many times their vacancies have been viewed by jobseekers

  • My VDAB - MasterVacOn line tool allowing employers to publish their job vacancies on the VDAB website and kiosks without intervention of VDAB personnel!

  • service by VDAB

  • use template upload document upload url

  • job titlejob descriptionnumbers of jobsfull/part-timelocation

  • experiencejob offerrequirementsdurationcircuitstudy requirementsextra options (salary, accessibility, )

  • how to applyextra info

  • detailed selection

  • publication period

  • overview my jobs

  • on line job applicant

  • occupationexperienceeducationpreferred locationlanguagesfull/part-timedriving licencetransportchange datekeywordssearch cvs

  • university degreepreferred region: Flandersmanagement functionlanguagessearch cvs

  • show cvs

  • - refine search - save search - receive new cvs

  • Some statistics

    Jobseekers registration:

    55% via job adviser

    39% via website

    6% via serviceline

  • and more statistics

    MasterVac vacancy registration:

    87% by employers

    9% by regional adviser

    4% by serviceline

  • and more statistics

    2010: 59.000 visitors/day

    83.000 visits/day

    1.058.000 page-requests/day

    1.629.252 selections on CVs