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Presentazione standard di PowerPointPresent Simple ofTo haveAffermative Form Negative FormInterrogative FormFull FormI have gotYou have gotHe has gotShe has gotIt has gotWe have gotYou have gotThey have gotshort FormIve gotYouve gotHes gotShes got Its gotWeve gotYouve gotTheyve gotAffermative FormFull FormI have not gotYou have not gotHe has not gotShe has not gotIt has not gotWe have not gotYou have not gotThey have not gotshort FormI havent gotYou havent gotHe hasnt gotShe hasnt gotIt hasnt gotWe havent gotYou havent gotThey havent got Negative FormInterrogative FormHave I got?Have you got?Has he got?Has she got?Has it got?Have we got?Have you got?Have they got?


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