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    Date Rac'd:JUN. 2 ^

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  • Prager To Puerto Rico(July 15, 78 WEM)

    ( Picture

    Raymond 0. Prager plans to teach

    in the Christian Day School, G.P.O.

    Box 29^6, San Juan, PR 00936 phone

    (809) 783-2200 starting in August,1978. Ray was influenced to make

    this decision hy the missionary

    professors at Cincinnati Bible

    College. Hay writes:" I believe that

    only through God's people will the

    world be reached with His V/ord."

    Ray plans to be involved as a

    school teacher, occasional preaching,

    conducting Bible studies and possiblyduring the summer vacation v/orkingat Christian Camp.

    Raymond 0. Prager was born

    February 7, 1931 in Cincinnati, Ohioto Omar R, and Mrs, Pvelyn Prager.

    Ray had his four years at ir/esternHills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio.Then, five years at Cincinnati Bible

    oollege in Ohio where he was graduatedwith the BS English Bible degree.He did supply preaching while attendingCBS. Hay is recommended by the eldersof his home church: Westwood Cheviot

    Church of Christ, Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • ( Page - 2 - Prager To PR - July 13, 78 WSM)

    This church also supplies his

    f03?warding agent ( his mother)and "livinglink" support in the

    regular missions program of the church,

    Send funds in care of: Westwood

    Cheviot Church of Christ - RayPrager Fund, Mrs, Evelyn M Prager,3389 Glenmore Avenue, Cincinnati,OH 4-5211 phone (513) 662-0639 o

    The End