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  • We Help Companies Thrive !1

    Established in 1995, Power Training and Development provides training and operations support and products to the franchise industry as well as other clients.

    We provide:

    Generic operations manual templates

    Customized operations manuals paper-based,electroniclibraries, and totally interactive

    Customized training delivered via classroom, self-study, or ablended approach (combined electronic, classroom, self-study)

    Coaching services to achieve the desired end

    Paula M. Powers, President

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    A few of our satisfied clients:

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    Our Process for Customization1. Review company goals, strategy, budget, and culture2. Review existing processes, procedures, and training3. Identify missing key processes, procedures, and training4. Determine the best method(s) for delivery of content 5. Develop the content6. Submit the first draft7. Implement client feedback8. Develop final draft9. Provide on-going support, coaching, and measurement of


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    Possible Delivery Methods

    Traditional ClassroomSelf Study/OJT

    CDCompany Intranet

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    Our Flexible Options

    Choose the option that works best for your situation and budget:

    TEMPLATES purchase of them includes limited supportCOACHING as client performs development TEMPLATE purchase with PT&D customization supportPT&D CUSTOMIZATION to determine appropriate processes and procedures for initial franchise offeringON-GOING SUPPORT to determine Best Practices and edit documentation when required

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    Our Power Tools

    Franchise Development Manual Template

    Operations Manual Template

    Employee Handbook (Franchisee)

    Managing Costs for Profitability Booklets

    Managing Costs for Profitability E-learning

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    Franchise Development ManualExpedites store opening and decreases miscommunication

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    Franchise Development Manual cont.

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    Operations Manual - HRProvides essential information to legally staff and operate your business

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    Operations Manual Mgt. Dev.Provides franchisees with a roadmap to develop their store managers

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    Employee HandbookInsures franchisees are communicating standards and expectations

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    Self Studies and E-learning

    Booklets or E-learningManaging Costs for Profitability: Food Costs Labor Costs Controllable Expenses

    More info on booklets More info on E-learning courses

    Cover all the bases, implement a blended training approach

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    Depend on the level of PT&D involvement: $ Purchase templates and you do it all

    $$ Purchase templates and PT&D coaches or completes the work

    $$$ PT&D creates customized ops manual and training

    $ PT&D provides on-going edits and captures best practices

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    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Questions?????Next Steps give us a call at 949.733.0801 or email us at info@powertd.com

    Our Process for CustomizationPossible Delivery MethodsOur Flexible OptionsOur Power ToolsFranchise Development ManualFranchise Development Manual cont.Operations Manual - HROperations Manual Mgt. Dev.Employee HandbookSelf Studies and E-learningCosts