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  • Popular Inventions AndInventors

    Knowing about popular inventors andtheir inventions is important forstudents, teachers and others whichwill be useful in variouscircumstances of daily life.

  • Inventors are who invent, discover,find, create, formulate, design andconceive a concept, process or adevice. In simple words, inventionsare the result of the investors.

    Do you want to get the details ofpopular inventions and inventors?

    The leading educational informationplatform Edubilla which has lot ofeducational resources providesrequired information about famousinventions and inventors.

  • Inventions are segregated by variousfields such as agriculture, aviation,business, chemistry, communication,computing, construction, electrical &electronics etc.., and neatly portrayedwhich would be easier for you to findthe details of invention you need.

    It includes the details such asinventor name, invented year,country, invention field, and

  • description about the invention alongwith its images & video.

    You can get the details of famousinventors such as their birth & deathdates, country, education, occupation,biography, awards they received andtheir photos.

    Hope, these information aboutinventions and inventors would be auseful resource for you.