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<ul><li><p>Popular Inventions AndInventors</p><p>Knowing about popular inventors andtheir inventions is important forstudents, teachers and others whichwill be useful in variouscircumstances of daily life.</p></li><li><p>Inventors are who invent, discover,find, create, formulate, design andconceive a concept, process or adevice. In simple words, inventionsare the result of the investors.</p><p>Do you want to get the details ofpopular inventions and inventors?</p><p>The leading educational informationplatform Edubilla which has lot ofeducational resources providesrequired information about famousinventions and inventors.</p></li><li><p>Inventions are segregated by variousfields such as agriculture, aviation,business, chemistry, communication,computing, construction, electrical &amp;electronics etc.., and neatly portrayedwhich would be easier for you to findthe details of invention you need.</p><p>It includes the details such asinventor name, invented year,country, invention field, and</p></li><li><p>description about the invention alongwith its images &amp; video.</p><p>You can get the details of famousinventors such as their birth &amp; deathdates, country, education, occupation,biography, awards they received andtheir photos.</p><p>Hope, these information aboutinventions and inventors would be auseful resource for you.</p></li></ul>