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Policy Revision GradingProcedures 7.10. Steve Abid Patrick Kamau Paula Sullivan Bryan Vliem. Charges include: Eliminate all references to NS Clarify the language in the grade grievance process Reconsider the value of WP, WF grades Redefine the I and W grades. Grading Policy 7.10 Revision. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Policy Revision

Policy RevisionGradingProcedures 7.10 Steve AbidPatrick KamauPaula SullivanBryan Vliem

Grading Policy 7.10 RevisionCharges include:

Eliminate all references to NSClarify the language in the grade grievance processReconsider the value of WP, WF gradesRedefine the I and W gradesAll references to NS have been eliminatedSections IX & XLanguage of grade grievance process clarifiedSection X Recommendations:Responsibilities of the Chair of the Grade Appeal Hearing committee:Chair shall convene the committeeChair shall preside over meetingChair length of term is 2 years

Assignment of substitutes for the Grade Appeal Hearing Committee will be the responsibility of the Chair:Appoint equivalent substitute (e.g. faculty to faculty)Determine length of substitution

Reconsider the value of WP, WF grades

Sections IX & XUse of WP & WF Fall 09- Summer 12Total % WP & WF Fall 09-Su 12 SemesterTotal gradesTotal WP% WPTotal WF% WFFall 0952,9911,8813.556301.19Wtr 1052,5701,9923.797101.35Su 1018,6715943.182771.48Fall 1055,0101,669 3.03704 1.28Wtr 1153, 63015612.917491.40Su 1117,9324422.462031.13Fall 1252,71612572.386051.15Wtr 1250,5861,3992.776281.24Su 1216,2933161.941210.74Recommendation: Eliminate the use of WP and WF as grades

Rationale:Declining usageNot used in calculating GPAMay or may not affect financial aid statusNot an accurate reflection of student progress

9Recommendation:Change language in Incomplete Grade Policy in Section X.Rationale:Allows for more Instructor discretionPractice follows policyRecommendation:W grade Policy remains, but language regarding eGRCC updated.Rationale:70% is an adequate time for student decision makingNo penalty to students GPA Next steps:Take recommendations back to your departmentEliminate all references to NSChanges regarding grade grievance processLanguage changesChair responsibilities Eliminate use of WP and WFLanguage changes regarding ILanguage changes regarding W

Next steps:Return to AGC on December 11, 2012 for feedbackVote on Feb 12, 2013