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<p>English Task</p> <p>English TaskPlanting Chilli</p> <p>Name: Ayu Sekar NuswantariN0: 7Class: IX B</p> <p>How To Planting ChilliMaterials:1. Knive2. A Red Chilli3. Trowel4. Scoop5. Pot6. Glove7. Fertilizer8. CountinerSteps:1. First, put chilli on the countiner and dry in the sun until 2 days.2. Second, put out the red chilli from countiner, slice chilli with knive until seed visible3. Third, take out the chilli seed.4. Dont forget to use glove before to keep cleaning.5. Then, prepere pot and pour fertilizer to fill.6. After that, dig a hole about 5 centimeters wide with trowel, put some seed there.7. Remember to close the hole and watering twice a day, morning and evening.</p> <p>PictureMaterial:1. 2.</p> <p>3.4.5.</p> <p> 6. 7. 8.</p> <p>Step:1.</p> <p>2.</p> <p>3..4.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>6. 7.</p> <p>Picture1. First Week2. Second Weeks3. Third Weeks4. Fourth Weeks</p> <p>5. Fifth Week6. Sixth Week</p> <p>7. Seventh Weeks8. Eighth Weeks </p>