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Dialogue about an american trying to lunch in Chili


  • In the TownEstas cosas pasan, no.

  • In an old and forgotten town of the Maule, Chili, an American, who is there for business, does a stop to lunch in a small peasant restaurant.

  • Waiter, here please.

  • Sorry.

  • Doesnt matter.

  • Do you are from the extranjerou?

  • Im from where?

  • Oh my God, you are a gringou

  • Excuse me.

  • Sorry, I am not good in English.

  • I can see it.

  • Dont worry amigou, you dice to me what you want to eat and ready no m.

  • This of the language might be a problem.

  • No, no problem, me anderstand.

  • But I dont

  • OK. We Empecemos again.

  • This is really confused.

  • OK, now Welcome to my restaurant and to Chili.

  • Oh, Thank you.

  • You tell me what you querer.

  • Can you bring me the menu?

  • Oh, se me haba olvidado. Here you are.

  • Thank.

  • Now, you dice me your order.

  • Pstel di Choco

  • Cmo diju?

  • This.

  • Ah, a Pastel de Choclo, immediately amigou. Algou more?

  • Do you have Chilean wine?

  • Wine?

  • EhmVinou

  • Yes, yes. In a moment I will be here with todou

  • Later ...