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  • 4-H “Pop-Up” Youth Chili Cook-off • Powered by ICS Chili

    Family. Friends. Fun! We are happy you have decided to join us in what will be a fun and educational day for your family, friends and guests. The ICS “Pop-Up” Chili Rig provides everything needed for your Official ICS Sanctioned Chili Cook-off – shelters, tables, chairs, stoves, cookware, cutlery, utensils, meat, spices, vegetables and all of the base ingredients to cook great chili.

    Let's Get Cooking Youth cooks can be age 10 to 17 and will prepare and cook their chili with adult supervision, but not adult participation. The ICS features four chili categories; Traditional Red Chili, Homestyle Chili, Chili Verde and Veggie Chili. The competition categories offered at your chili cook-off will be determined by your group and the ICS Representative supervising your event.

    53 Years of History. Dedicated to The Future. Founded in 1967, the ICS sanctions chili cook-offs throughout the country. In addition, the ICS works in youth and adult communities to bring awareness to food production and safe preparation, healthy nutrition, life sciences, charitable community actions and character building through friendly cooking competitions.

    Let ICS Handle The Details The supervising ICS Representative will coordinate all activities at the chili cook-off. The ICS team will set-up and tear-down all cooking stations. Cooks will be asked to participate in the rinsing of cooking equipment and utensils.

    Recognition and Rewards The ICS team will select judges and supervise official scoring. Adult supporters will be asked to participate in judging and scoring. At each chili cook-off, the top 3 cooks in each chili category are recognized with an award. In addition, all youth cooks who participate will be invited to cook in the ICS World Championship Chili Cook-off® Youth Division, which takes place September 7-8 at The District at Prairie Trail in Ankeny, IA.


    Cook Registration 30 Minutes

    Cooking Instruction 1 Hour

    Station Setup and Food Preparation

    Chili Cooking Time 3 Hours

    Educational Presentation & Activities

    Chili Turn-in and Official Judging

    90 MinutesServing Chili Samples to Guests

    Recognition and Rewards

  • How The 4-H Youth Cook-offs Work




    Kind of Meat/ Combination of Meats Any Any or None Any Not Allowed

    Color of Chili Peppers/ Powders Red Any Green Any

    Vegetables Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed

    Beans Not Allowed REQUIRED Allowed Allowed

    Other Legumes Not Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed

    Soy Products/ Meat Substitutes Not Allowed Allowed Not Allowed Allowed

    Seafood Not Allowed Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed

    Pasta/ Other Fillers Not Allowed Allowed Not Allowed

    Allowed - If No Meat or Meat By-products

    Typical Color of Final Cooked Chili

    Red to Reddish Brown

    Any - Including Red, Green, White, Yellow

    Green to Yellowish Green

    Any - Including Red, Green, White, Yellow

    Each cook will be provided with: • Cooking shelter, tables and chairs • Propane stove, all cookware, cutlery and utensils • All meat, vegetables, spices and base ingredients • Selection of recipes and cooking tips • Cooking station: set-up, tear-down, clean-up • Note: All ingredients will be supplied. Outside

    ingredients are not allowed.

    ICS CHILI CATEGORIES AND INGREDIENTS Chili is meat and/or vegetables cooked with chili peppers/powders, various spices and other ingredients.

    The ICS features four chili categories to target different tastes, dietary preferences and cooking styles.

    The grid below lists the ingredients allowed for each chili category. Your ICS Representative will work with your group to determine the best categories to offer at your chili cook-off.

  • 4-H FUELS

    WELLNESS Ingredients Provided for Chili Cook-off

    The ICS Chili, Inc. team will provide all cooking utensils and

    ingredient supplies needed for this chili cook-off. Below is a list of the

    different ingredients provided for your recipes.

    If you notice an ingredient item you need that is not on this list,

    contact your county extension office or 4-H Healthy Living Specialist,

    Laura Liechty (lliechty@iastate.edu) and they will ensure that

    ingredient is provided for the day of competition.


     Mild Red Chili Powder

     Medium Red Chili Powder

     Hot Red Chili Powder

     Green Chili Powder

     White Pepper

     Dried Oregano

     Cumin

     Garlic Powder

     Onion Powder

     Salt


    Iowa State University Extension and Outreach does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual

    orientation, socioeconomic status, or status as a U.S. veteran. Direct inquiries to the Diversity Officer, 515-294-1482, extdiversity@iastate.edu.

     Tomato Sauce

     Green Enchilada Sauce

     Diced Green Chilis

     Salsa Verde

     Broth (Chicken, Beef, &


    Fresh Ingredients

     Diced Tomatoes

     Fresh Onion

     Fresh Chili


     Garlic Cloves

     Corn

     Carrots

     Celery

     Potatoes

     Mushrooms

     Cilantro Leaves

     Green Tomatillos

     Bell Peppers

     Bay Leaves

    Canned Beans

     Chili Beans

     Pinto Beans

     Kidney Beans

     White Beans

     Black Beans

     Garbanzo Beans

    Additional Items

     Corn Starch  Bottled Hot Sauce  Cooking Oil/Lard  Sugar


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