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  • Pinwheel Quilt Block

    6 inch (9 inch, 12 inch) quilt block using 2 different fabrics Cut Fabric A 2 squares, 4 inches (5 inches, 7 inches) Fabric B 2 squares, 4 inches (5 inches, 7 inches) Start by sewing 4 half square triangles Place 1 Fabric A square lined up exactly with 1 Fabric B square so that the printed side of the fabric touch each other, right sides together.

  • Draw a line diagonally from 1 corner to the opposite corner.

  • Using the line marked, draw another line inch away from it. Repeat on the opposite side of the line. You now have three lines.

    Sew along the two outer lines. Then cut along the centerline. Be careful to leave inch on either side for adequate seam allowance.

  • Repeat for remaining 2 squares. Press open toward the darker fabric. You will have 4 half square triangles.

  • Lay out the 4 half square triangles so that the point of Fabric A and Fabric B touch the center point of the block and that the fabrics alternate.

    Sew the top 2 squares together and the bottom 2 squares together. Press the seams open toward the darker fabric.

  • Sew the 2 rows together and press open. Be sure that the rows have the correct orientation so that the pinwheel pattern is maintained. Trim the block to 6 inches (9 inches, 12 inches) making sure that the center point on the quilt block hits the 3 inch (4 inch, 6 inch) points on the ruler and that the diagonal lines on the block and ruler match up. This is the Pinwheel Quilt Block.