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Paper Pinwheel


After constructing the paper pinwheel. Go to the visualization and guided breathing dropdown to find a paper pinwheel breathing exercise.


· Hole punch

· Straw (Paper or Plastic)

· Pencil

· Craft blade (Scissors will work just fine)

· Ruler

· Scrapbooking paper or cardstock

· Paper fastener


1. Cut your scrapbooking paper into four squares using the craft blade and ruler.

2. Lightly draw diagonal lines from corner to corner across one of the paper squares to form four triangles. Cut along these lines, stopping about 1cm from the center.

3. Punch a hole in the center of the sheet where the lines cross. Punch a hole in one corner of each triangle flap.

4. Pinch together the end of the straw and punch a hole.

5. Loosely fold in the punched corners of each triangle so all five holes line up.

6. Place a paper fastener through the holes of the paper and straw. Turn over and fold the paper fastener into a ‘T’ shape (you don’t want to press them flat or the pinwheel won’t be able to spin).