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  • Editorial

    Peter Myers: 60th Birthday

    It is dicult to believe that Peter Myers is 60 years old; has this energetic and

    productive scientist and entrepreneur really reached the age at which many retire?

    In fact, these birthday good wishes are intended as an appreciation of work in

    progress rather than a valediction.

    A Yorkshireman by birth and conviction, Peter in fact crossed the Pennines to

    Salford University for his degree and Ph.D. studiesthe latter in mass spec-

    trometryand then went to work in the Unilever research laboratory on

    Merseyside. Early in his career he realized the importance of better column

    materials for the then fast emerging technique of HPLC, and soon became

    Technical Director of Phase Separations Ltd. The company quickly became world

    leaders through Peters Sol-Gel process for the manufacture of porous spherical

    particles, and the development of the procedures for the bonding of groups to

    generate the full range of stationary phases with high-pH stability and controlled

    particle size. Phase Separations became the worlds largest supplier of spherical

    silica, and after the company became part of the Waters Corporation, Peter was

    concerned with the new generation of materials for HPLC.

    In addition to advances in HPLC, Peter Myers interests have been broad but

    always rooted in the soundest of science, and have included the use of new column

    technology in SFC, CEC and in pioneering developments in dierential eld

    gradient focusing for protein separation. His work has often incorporated the

    extensive use of computational methods, especially in modelling the separation

    process and in operating parameter optimization. Peters current research, begun

    as a Visiting Professor rst at Leeds and York and now at Liverpool, is concerned

    with new directions in miniaturized analytical instrumentation. Here, he is com-

    bining microfabricated separation devices, incorporating novel pumps and

    detector schemes, with modern electronics to provide integrated systems. We look

    forward to successful outcomes from these initiatives.

    DOI: 10.1365/s10337-007-0436-y

    2007, 66, 647648

    Editorial Chromatographia 2007, 66, November (No. 9/10) 647

  • A description of Peters work does little justice to his inuence on the scientic

    community; a true networker with innumerable contacts and co-workers

    throughout industry and academe, he freely and enthusiastically oers advice and

    material assistance to anyone who asksas is attested by the acknowledgement of

    his help in a legion of papers in the literature.

    Peters admiration for Denis Desty, with whom he cooperated on one of

    Destys last projects (fullerene chemistry), led him to inaugurate in 1996 the Desty

    Memorial Lecture and Prize. The winner, usually a younger scientist, is judged to

    have shown great innovation in separation science and presents a lecture in a

    programme designed to stimulate new thinking in the subject.

    I am sure that all of his numerous friends will join me in the warmest of 60th

    birthday greetings to Peterinnovator, entrepreneur and benefactor of analytical


    Keith Bartle

    648 Chromatographia 2007, 66, November (No. 9/10) Editorial


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