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Unique Gifts And Return-Gift Ideas For 60th Birthday!

Unique Gifts And Return-Gift Ideas For 60th Birthday!www.augrav.com

Are you hosting a 60th birthday party for your mom or dad? Or maybe attending a 60th birthday party? With all the planning and preparation that goes into birthday parties, people often forget about the gift till the last minute. Whether you are throwing the party or attending one, either way, you need to think of a unique and special gift idea that will warm the recipients heart.With the endless gifting options that are available in the market, its easy to be confused about how to choose the perfect present. Thankfully, not anymore! To make your life easier, we have searched high and low, and put together some refreshingly beautiful gift ideas just for you.

Skip ordinary gifts and go the extra mile to make the special birthday boy/girl feel special. Trust us, its worth the effort! Heres a list of personalized gift ideas for their 60th birthday.



The birthday boy/girl has spent 60 years on this beautiful place we call earth. There are so many moments in life that mustve brought happiness to them. Gather pictures of all these moments and put them together in a lovely album or a scrapbook.

You can also add memorabilia if you have access to them; a wedding invite, an airplane ticket, or something that is special and will bring back fond memories. Design one online, or simply shop for a blank album and then fill with your creativity.

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FACE PENDANTSimple gold or silver pendants are passe. Try some new and interesting piece of jewelleries, such as 3D face pendants, to show a loved one how much they mean to you. These dimensional designs will have the birthday boy/girls face sculpted in metal that make for the perfect heartfelt gift.

Get them made in gold or silver to make the present a symbol of your everlasting love. String the 3D pendant on a simple gold chain and your personalized gift is ready.

CLASSESThey say you are never too old to learn something new. Is there something that your dad/mom wanted to learn but never got the chance as they were too busy bringing you up and handling tons of responsibilities?

Then their 60th birthday makes a great moment to nudge them towards their interests. Sign them up for a painting, pottery, dancing, golf or any other class that theyd love to attend, and watch them have fun as they master a new skill.

PHOTO FRAMENo we arent talking about plain old metal or glass photo frames. To add style, creativity, and a custom touch to your gift, you can get a wonderful 3D photo frame made. You can sculpt the birthday boy/girls photo as a piece of art, with their face in 3D on a lovely frame.

When made with gold, this personalized birthday gift will be even more special and symbolic. It is sure to last for years to come and bring them joy whenever they look at it.

AND NOW, TIME FOR THE RETURN GIFTSNo party is possible without guests! Thank them for being a part of the birthday celebration by handing out return gifts as small tokens of your gratitude. Heres a list of party favours that will bring a smile on the guests face.

UTILITY ITEMSThis is the first choice for any return gift. While stationery boxes are the most popular choice for kids gifts, you need to think about what is suitable for an adult birthday bash. A storage container set, such as Tupperware containers, would be a great idea. You can also gift a set of elegant wine glasses, with a small thank you note to express your gratitude to the guests.

CHOCOLATESYoure never too old for chocolate! This is a wonderful party favour for people of all ages. Choose from various store-bought options, or place an order with someone who makes them at home. Wrap in metallic wrappers, pack in little gold mesh bags, and tie with a ribbon to complete the favour. Instead of chocolate, you can also opt for fudge, peanut butter cups, or fruit bars.

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GOLD OR SILVER COINSNeed something more fancy to thank the guests for being part of the special day? After all, their presence and love is what makes the party more fun and enjoyable. Coins in precious metals, such as silver or gold, are a wonderful gifting choice for your guests.Engrave them with a custom message or even a picture to add that personal touch to your gift at AuGrav. Based on your budget, you can choose the weight, purity and type of metal.

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