On your 60th birthday

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On Your 60th Birthday..... What Impact did you leave on us !

On Your 60th Birthday..... What Impact did you leave on us !

On October 30th ,While everybody is getting prepared for Halloween........

Our family will is celebrating your Birthday Dido .....So, Lets Warm up with your childhood .....



Street Football

High School

Now Lets see what people said about you !

Alla Salah El Telawy Creativity....wide vision, Role model and success Said Alla

Islam Hosny SwarFunny... Energetic.... Leader

Islam Swar

Pasent Al akabawyFather ....Fun .... Inspiration

Amir El Telbani Caring..... Father .... Leadership Amir Samir

He loves his sons!Irina Ashraf Diaahard-worker !

He is a very handsome man : ) positive thinkerfull of jokes & great sense of humor!KindSmart & WiseIrina Kornysheva

Ahmed IraquiGreat man , I could learn a lot from him when he says just few words. He has a very good sense of humor....Rabena yebareklena feh we yedelo el seha.

Hossam SharafDr. Mohamed , no words to translate my warm feeling and my respect for you.Ashraf, You have to be proud and pray to god that you have a helpful , supportive, smart charismatic friend not only father. Happy birthday my dear friend and Prof. Take care of your health

Ibram SamirHe has his own way to make people feel that they are special even if they are normal one

Ibram Samir

Ibrahim RehabSometimes we meet people once in our lives, and they really make a difference in our lives, uncle Diaa.. you are one of those few people, have a lovely 60s, and be sure u made a big difference in our lives !

Karim Abdel AzizMet him twice in my life and everyone of them was impressive!! All my respect to a decent name in our pharma world..

Nothing i can say can describe Amo Diaa,

Kind, knowledgeable, lovable, have an unbelievable sense of humor, caring and when ever i'm with him i spend a very nice time,

Also i love to hear him talk about my Dad as they were close friends ,

men al 2a7'er kada ana bamoot fik a 3amo Diaa, kol sana wy 2anta taybe wy 3o2bal 1000000000000 Sana rabna ya7'alik lina;)Radwa Abdel Kawy

Amira Yousri No word can describe Didos ..He's the one and the lastMy dream come true elhamdollah couse of Didos.Love you Didos so much.Rabena ye7fazak lina ya rab we ybarek lena fik

Maha Abdel KawyVery difficult to say shortly,he is my dear uncle,a one very close to my heart, been there since my birth till seeing my daughter,a dear friend of my dad's,loved the duetto they used to make together in the family gatherings, has been a great support after daddy's death, love his advises, his discussions, his sense of humor , his presence in any of our gatherings really makes a difference and last but not least the special songs we used to sing together;-)

Waleed Ismael father, leader, fun, inspirational , wise, successful and the list is huge !

Wael AfifiA "sunny" person:-)

Ashraf DiaaI was fortunate to inheret what pushes me forward ,but I cant say that I got the wisdom and flixbleity he has got.An understanding person. A person that makes a difference in everywhere he had been to. Happy birthday Dido !Never thought of him like a Father . But for me he was a role model in a very intelligent way.A coach by nature. I remember the day of training at PfiZer it was amazing simple and light ,I remember that u delivered it in very attractive innovative way that we felt that your age is 28 or something . wish u all the best and more glory and successThank you!