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  • Personal Brandingon

    Social Media

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  • Audience

    Campaign ObjectivesTo create diverse content that markets my personal brand to potential employers in April to May 2015.

    To demonstrate to industry professionals an understanding of social media practices for promotion.

    Campaign Dates: April 13 - May 5, 2015

    I am a mission oriented, world focused sharer of stories who is driven by creativity to honor my creator. I specialize in collaborating on events and developing strategic communications for non-profit organizations.

    Potential EmployeersIndustry professionals

    Event Directors & Communicators at Non-Profits

    Involved with faith-based or arts non-profits

    69% of the most effective nonprofitprofessionals are creating more contentthan they did one year ago.

    Non-profits use an average of 11 tactics per campaign. In-person events are chosen in 88% of campaigns

    Content Marketing Institutes Nonprofit Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and TrendsNorth America

    Brand Statement:

    Why my content fills a need for my audience:

  • TwitterTo increase total number of followers on Twitter

    To direct traffic to portfolio websiteFollow 50+ individuals, executives & organizations

    Increase in Followers

    19 new industry professionals

    Most brands post 5+ times per day For campaign, start by posting 5 times per week & work up to 5 times per day







    May 5April 26April 21April 16April 13


    Retweets 68% 74%


    Sample Posts:


    Best Practices:

    Posts with images/videos No media Increasing the chance for retweets and favorites:

    Hootsuite Analytics Report

    Twitter Engagement Unmasked, Stonetemple Consulting, 2014

    "5 Actionable Personal Branding Tips forSocial Media." Buffer Social 2015

  • To build professional network relationships

    To direct traffic to portfolio website

    Linked-In Profile Report

    "Five LinkedIn Strategies You Haven'tThought Of Before Forbes, 2013

    Digital promotion. Principles and practice. Ch. 9: Social Media, Hallahan 2015

    Actions Taken

    Profile Views

    Gained 20 new connections

    Scope what competitors post and emulategood content to share with network.

    Posts average 25 words


    Sample Posts:


    Best Practices:








    April 18 May 2 May 16

    Since audience is less interactive it is important to know when to post: Tuesdays to Thursday


  • Include website URL in bio

    SEO, Search Engine Journal

    Digital promotion. Principles and practice. Ch. 9: Social Media, Hallahan 2015

    Google Analytics Report


    Sample Posts:

    Apr 17 Apr 21 Apr 25 Apr 29 May 3

    6060 3030


    Pageviews Sessions

    Post #1 Post #2 Post #3

    69% of visitors to blog landing page visited additional web pages

    BlogTo boost portfolio website SEO by generating timely & relevant content

    Use succinct word count, good headlines & incorporation of other media

    Avoid blatant brand/self promotion

    Blogs increase visitors/month by 55%:

    Best Practices:


    No Blog

    Companies that blog

    have 434% more indexed pages

  • Include website URL in bio

    5 Ways You Need to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO Comments.

    Create an engaging and succinct bio or tagline to use across all platforms

    Use same profile picture and branding (including limited font pool when available) across platforms

    ,Headlines matter!

    Create unique content for each platfrom

    Cross Platform Best Practices

    >55%of content discuss happenings, learnings &best practices in the events field,

    including sharing relevant media

    with mentions to specific


  • Make SOME posts on Facebook Public: 1. Help people find you2. Allow potential employers to screen you3. Promote your work & credibility 4. Reach a bigger audience5. Use your Timeline as a landing page

    About 12% of employers look for reasons not to hire an employee:

    Eliminate: Negative/ confidential posts about your previous employer

    Anything that implies that you lied about your qualifications Content about drinking, drugs, or illegal activities

    Discriminatory remarks

    Content that demonstrates poor communication or writing skills

    Know your audience:

    Create/manage boards that show knowledge & passionate about your present or future career

    Pin resume, especially if its visual!

    Pin personal work on its own board

    User Interactions by SM

    Include website URL in bio!

    Instagram is the king of Social Engagement, Forrester, 2014

    FB Job Hunt from

    5 good reasons to make facebook posts public, Gizmodo Field guide

    Pinterest Stats, Expanded Ramblings, 2015


    85 % Female

    58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook

    120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.