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As the State Normal School at Bloomsburg, our institution’s purpose was “to teach the youth the elements of a classical education.” Today at Bloomsburg University, this underlying philosophy continues to draw students to BU, guide our academic programs, motivate our faculty and staff and prepare our graduates for successful careers. Today, we have the same purpose, but much broader scope.


  • 1. Start with an image.
  • 2. That sets a mood.
  • 3. That commands a3en4on.
  • 4. That tells a story.
  • 5. Bloomsburgs Brand Is straight-forward Authen4c and Genuine Honest Student-centered Focused on accomplishment
  • 6. Bloomsburg doesnt need cheesy special eects like spinning text, pictures that move robo4cally, or things that blink mindlessly. This is a presenta4on. The focus should be on you. The screen is there just as an aid.
  • 7. Our photos show reality. Whenever possible, leave them whole.
  • 8. Feel free to talk about the story that the photograph represents. Humanize your message.
  • 9. Avoid Cu7ng the background out of an authen;c photograph, to turn it into a generic piece of clip art. Everybody has clip art.
  • 10. Specics The red box you see in the corner is appropriate to use on any piece. Its strong enough to be no;ced, but simple enough not to compete with your content. Keep it against the leE edge, a liFle way down from the top.
  • 11. Other brand marks Header for large publica4ons such as the Viewbook.
  • 12. Colors: Bloomsburgs colors are maroon (Pantone 209) and gold (Pantone 129) or (874 metallic). Because both colors are warm and saturated, use them with restraint. In academic and other sophis;cated contexts, cool and desaturated neutrals are good background colors to use. They allow the school colors to shine without clashing like a red ;e or scarf with a charcoal suit.
  • 13. Specics on Type The lowercase g is the most dis;nc;ve leFer in Bloomsburgs name. Whenever possible, use a type with a two-story g, like this one. For serif type, use Caslon when possible. The type is robust enough to suggest the universitys working class roots and its current athle;c prowess. Tradi;onal enough to suggest its history. The curves and rounded shapes reect the warmth and human values of Bloomsburg.
  • 14. The Bloomsburg University logo is our signature. It goes at the end, like this, followed by the web address.