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PALLET SOCK. SECURING AND PROTECTING YOUR COMMODITIES. A member of CILTSA. w hat is a pallet sock?. Universal, reusable pallet covering Can be custom made to cover & secure other product types Eliminates the need for disposable packaging Made from durable material. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation




A member of CILTSAwhat is a pallet sock?Universal, reusable pallet coveringCan be custom made to cover & secure other product typesEliminates the need for disposable packagingMade from durable material.Withstands transport damageSplash-proofCan be secured further to be slash/cut proofLockable with any security deviceSecurity tagsPadlocks or combination locksContainer LocksRF ID Tags may be incorporated

[Now awarded for being GREEN]Recipient of the 2013 Green Supply Chain AwardEntrant into the 2013 Logistics Achiever Awards

what it looks likeUnprotected Pallet

Pallet with a sock

why pallet sock?Your customer wants the product, not the packagingThe cost of unwanted wrap can be significantly reducedShrink wrap material costsLabour to shrink wrapShrinkage costSaveAfter the socks 80th use it pays for itself.It is environmentally friendly 100% recyclable182 032 tons of plastic packaging is thrown away of which only 30% is recycled in SA*

Source: *Plastics SAShrink wrapped

Pallet socked

why pallet sock?Standard made to fit and cover merchandise on standard palletsEuro Pallet 800mm x 1200mm x 1200mm (high)CHEP pallet 1200mm x 1000mm x 1200mm (high)Contributes to the decrease of pilferageSecures tightly over pallet load with 3 adjustable strapsEliminates moving pallet stock to and from wrapping stationsBrandable (on 2 sides) and can be made in 4 std colours (white being the most cost effective, brown, green, yellow)Complies with Part 108 of the Civil Aviations regulations for tamper evident sealing of air cargo

pallet sock vs shrink wrapPallet sock is much tougherShrink wrap is a polymer plastic wrap which needs more than one layer to be effective to secure the cargo vs the pallet sock which is a polypropylene webbingThe 51mm slider buckles are positioned across the height of the sock to secure the cargo for various pallet configurations / heights3,85m wire cable with 35cm shock cord. Closed loops at ends to seal sock onto the palletSolid closed top Document pouch

pallet sock

51mm slider buckle

3,85m steel wire cable with 35cm shock cord. Closed loops at ends to seal sock onto the pallet

Document PouchbenefitsFit and remove in less than a minuteSaves moneyOnce bought no rise in price unlike plastic wrapNo wrapping machine depreciationSaves space of wrap machines and raw material stock holdingSave labour to man the machineNo machine break-downs and maintenance costsLess returns through transit damageMoves wrapping from a renewable cost item to a capital cost item improving cash flow100% recyclablemake space & save

benefitsOffers superior prevention of pilferageImpresses customer by solving packing problemsEnhances companys GREEN credentialsPays for itself 80 usesProjected life is a minimum of 12 months, based on 1 use per dayEnhances brand awarenessBetter control after checkingMaximum security benefits and traceable

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the numbersSHRINK WRAPR2,40 material cost(@15c per m x 16m per pallet)Per pallet excluding:labourEquipment costsEvery time you load a palletEvery dayPALLET SOCKR1,40 per single usage (@std cost for six months at 22 days per month)(1 a day for 6 months) (not taking shrinkage into account)Per pallet:Once offExcludinglabour to slip the sock over the stockCost for the sealR185 once off investment per pallet sock (std size)Lease option available on requestMaintenance / swop system

Distributors pay for pallet sockEliminates transporter liability elementvspallet management RF TagsRF Tags delivers a cost-effective and reliable solution for tracking reusable assets.The tags provides instant visibility to pallets entering & exiting the premises, as well as identifying where the pallets are located at any given time.The secure anti-tamper sensors have built-in memory for storing information about the asset or product such as temperature at any given time, location etcAll pallets can be tagged with sensors as can any vehicle or machinery that is used in the warehouse or yard.The automatic pallet tracking technology reduces internal labour costs and human error, improving efficiency of supply chain operations and enabling timeous completion of orders.Is controllable from your desk through your internet connection with TAG management software.Other applicationsThermal OptionThermal Sock is placed over temperature sensitive products on the palletRetains temperature up to 6 hoursVariation in temperature after 6 hours is within 1 degreeAlso lockable as per the std sockCan be made to any size to fit:RolltainersSecuritainersCHEP / Euro palletsAnd custom sized consignmentsOther applicationsWaterproof OptionWaterproof Sock is coated with a waterproof sealant (grey)which protects the contents up to 150mm of waterAlso lockable as per the std sockCan be made to any size to fit:Roll tainersSecuritainersCHEP / Euro palletsOr any other item to your specificationOther applicationsMade to your spec Option

The sock can be made to fit any item such as:Suitcases, boxes, computer equipment, furniture, sporting equipment, leisure equipment. Your imagination is the limitCan be made to be:thermal, waterproof, slash proof, fire retardant etc.

pallet sock logisticsconclusionThe Pallet Sock Company is sure that the introduction of the Pallet Sock into your business will meet all expectations that we have presented to you today.We understand the need for companies to cut costs without jeopardising service and product delivery.We believe that the need for this product is too great to overlook and that it can only benefit your business. We want to be part of making your business more profitable and to become environmentally conscious and be rewarded for your escalated green rating.Contact us: