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Presented by Dr. Ozgur Uckan at Turkey Knowledge Economy Assessment Report Workshop of World Bank, November 5, 2003, Ankara. Presentation focus on ICT & dynamic information infrastructure as a knowledge economy pillar, and treats national ICT policies as a crucial development tool.


  • 1. Knowledge Economy (Basic economic resource) is knowledge and will be knowledge Peter F. Drucker, Post-Capitalist Society An economy that makes effective use of knowledge for its economic and social development. This includes tapping foreign knowledge as well as adapting and creating knowledge for its specific needs. Knowledge for Development, WBI Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 2. Knowledge Economy Pillars Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 3. Dynamic Information Infrastructure Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 4. ICT Impact Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 5. Information Infrastructure and Knowledge Economy Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 6. Turkey KAM Variables for ICT Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 7. Network Readiness Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 8. Turkeys ICT in Global Context ICT 12.00 EC 10.00 Singapore USA Ireland Estonia Oceania Finland Korea UK Slovakia Slovenia Germany 8.00 Turkey Poland Most Recent Latvia Hungary Czech Rep. Lithuania Mexico Chile EC Accession 6.00 Brazil Romania Bulgaria LAC EAP MNA Russia 4.00 China AFR 2.00 SA 0.00 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 1995 Source: World Bank Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 9. Turkey ICT Penetration Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 10. Internet Hosts Per 1000 Inhabitants Source: OECD STI Outlook 2002 Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 11. Turkish ICT Market Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 12. National ICT Policies: Challenges Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 13. National ICT Policy Priorities Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 14. Policy Networking and Partnerships Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 15. Telecom Liberalization Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 16. eTurkey and Social Inclusion Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 17. Legal and Institutional Environment Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 18. National Agreement Dr. zgr Ukan
  • 19. Dr. zgr Ukan


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