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OIA ICT Portfolio includes following1) e-Government Infrastructure and Applications Building Services2) Telemedicine3) Automatic Weather Monitoring Solution4) e-Government Capacity Building Services2) Telemedi


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www.oialliance.com [email protected]

Building Infrastructure Globally

14th March 2010

New Delhi

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Executive Summary

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• We are an Indian PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Company involved in all aspects of


• Offices in New Delhi and Mumbai with Project offices in Ethiopia and Mozambique

• Identifying Opportunity, Project Development and Marketing are the OIA‟s basic skills

• We CONCEPTUALISE, Design and Engineer projects

• Conduct techno-economic feasibility and organize financial closure

• Implement projects on turnkey basis through our consortium partners, who are of global

repute and have proven track record

• ISO 9001:2008 Company

• SAP‟s Best Business Practices for Project Management and entire Organization

Executive Summary

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OIA Project Development Capabilities








Govt. of



ElectrificationUS$ 19.950 Mil EPC 70% complete


Govt. of Ethiopia


transmission &


US$ 65.00 Mil


Engineering &


Complete and



Govt. of Ethiopia


transmission &


US$ 13.00 Mil


Engineering &



18% complete


Govt. of Ethiopia

26,000 TCD

Tendaho Sugar


US$ 203.45 Mil

US$ 200.00 Mil


Greenfield project

Phase I Engineering

in progress


Govt. of Ethiopia

11,000 TCD

Finchha Sugar


US$ 143.65 Mil


Rehab and


Site mobilized

Engineering in



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Govt. of Sudan El Dueim Sugar Project ** US$ 150.00 mil EPC

** Financial Closure attained, project initiation on


Govt. of Kenya

Power Transmission US$ 20.000 Mil EPC

Govt. of Armenia Loribird Hydropower project

Power transmission Network

Rehab project

US$ 120.00 Mil

US$ 80.00 Mil



Govt. of DRC Kinshasa Urban Railway

Rehab Project

US$ 300.00 Mil EPC

Government of


Mananjary Sugar project

Sakaraha Sugar Project

US$ 105.59 Mil

USS 86.32 Mil




OIA Project Development Capabilities

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IT & IT Enabled Services

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OIA IT Enabled Services Portfolio

• E-Government Infrastructure

and e-Services

• National e-Government

Training and Research Center

• Telemedicine for Primary

Rural Health Delivery

• Automatic Weather Monitoring


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Setting Up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

National and State Data Centers

Creating a Skeleton/Back-Bone to

store Records of Citizens, Host

Websites for Ministries, State

Governments and various

Government Bodies

Disaster Recovery CenterBe ready for any eventuality: Natural

Calamity, Terrorist Attack

Ministry of RailwayRailway Reservation System


Municipal CorporationDelivery of Citizen’s records like Birth


Ministry of Land RecordsLand records digitization and delivery

of Property certificates

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Setting Up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

Ministry of Finance Income Tax portal, File e-Returns

National Citizen DatabaseNational ID Card, Unique ID


Ministry of External Affairs E-Passport, Immigration and VISA

Ministry of Human Resource National Employment Portal

Ministry of Agriculture and


Weather, Climate Monitoring,

Instant alerts to Farmers

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Setting Up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

Ministry of HealthTelemedicine, Hospital Information

Systems for Government Hospitals

For all Ministries E-Procurement Portal, ERP

Ministry of Home Affairs

Criminal records, Automatic

Fingerprint Identification System for

criminal investigation

Ministry of Road and TransportElectronic Driving Licence,

Electronic Vehicle Registration

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Development of National Portal

The Portal Solution, which is envisaged as a „Gateway‟ for all the

Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Citizen (G2C)

services in the country will effectively act as an Online Government

Services Repository (GSR)

The Citizen Service Centres

The CSC‟s take care of a major issue in service delivery i.e. access to

services where the people with the means and connectivity can access

the services online while others cannot.

•The CSC allows equitable access to services and provides upliftment

through delivery of e-Health, e-Medicine, e-Educational and other


Setting Up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

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Setting Up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

Investment for Setting up e-Governance Infrastructure and e-Services

runs in Multi Billion Dollars

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Create e-Government

Champions amongst

Govt Employees

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OIA offers to build a National e-Government Training and Resource Centre

to provide capacity building services which is a vital component for the

success of e-Governance Initiative for any Nation.

Main directions of the Centre activity will be

•creation and transfer of knowledge on e-governance

•provision of a platform for analyzing and systemizing international and

domestic experience in e-Governance into forms of knowledge societies

which can be transferred to the Govt Employees and Citizens

•Provision of training services, organising research, facilitating networking

and enabling exchange of experience in broad areas of e-governance.

•Setting up conferences, research seminars and brainstorming sessions in

order to develop IT policy or its particular aspects

National e-Government Training and Research Center

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National e-Government Training and Resource Centre will offer a regular policy

course with the purpose to show the importance of having in place the right

national policies and strategies in the field of information society in order to

achieve meaningful impacts in real life and to fully realize a leapfrogging potential

of ICT in the country‟s overall development and competitiveness, regionally and


The project proposes implementation of following key objectives :

•Training of designated civilian and government authorities in e-Government;

•Carrying out IT training for civil servants and school informatics teachers

•Training of government technical staff in system and network administration

•Training of National e-Government Training and Resource Centre staff

•Preparation of Syllabus for training of government employees and teachers

•Training in ICT and e-Government

National e-Government Training and Research Center

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Telemedicine for Rural Health Delivery

OIA offers ReMeDi, a path-breaking telemedicine device which

the World Economic Forum at Davos nominated as a

“Technology Pioneer” in 2008.This product was developed with a

specific aim to deliver healthcare in areas where there is a severe

lack of skilled professionals.

This solution bridges the gap between the doctor in urban centres

and the patient living in constrained and low resource rural

parts, where poor bandwidth, disruptive electricity and scarce

medical expertise are common.

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PAN-AFRICA Project ( Tertiary Health Care)

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Healthcare can now reach every village with Tele-medicine using ReMeDi™

The Solution

•Medical Equipment

•Telemedicine Software

•Electronic Medical Records

•Client Server Architecture

System Features

•Real-time Video + audio + data transmission at 32 Kbps

•Equipment taking rural conditions into account

•Breaking the cost barrier while maintaining the quality

•Connectivity over various kinds of networks:

DSL, Cable, PSTN, VSAT, GPRS, Wi-Max




•Blood Pressure



Telemedicine for Rural Health Delivery

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Software• Client-server architecture

• Complete PMR including Medical History, Prescriptions and Lab Investigations

• Real-time and store-and-forward modes

• Image Capture and transmission

• Billing and Digital Signature

System Features• Connects Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Village Centers, Pharmacy,


• Multiple simultaneous consultations

• Maintenance, Access and Security of Patient Medical Records, authentication

• Network upgrades of the software

• Customized billing models for diagnostics and consultations

• Customer Feedback mechanisms

• Allows quality control through offline audits

• Administrator role allows message broadcasting, backups, block/enable client access

• Management Reports, enabling evaluation and corrections

Comprehensive e-Health Network

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Direct impact on preventive and curative healthcare

•Cardio-vascular diseases

•Hypertension, anaemia

•Diabetes (Type-II)

•Skin Diseases (many)

•Respiratory diseases

•Eye Care (many)

•Common ailments

•Follow-ups and referrals

Tremendous value-add in areas like

•Reproductive and child health

•Health awareness, social health (through videoconferencing, multimedia)

•Health records, immunization

•Health insurance

•Medicine inventory planning and tracking, reaching genuine medicines

Complete region-wise demographic profile

Empowering the policymakers in planning, monitoring and timely intervention

Telemedicine for Rural Health Delivery

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Western UP with World Health

Partners’ (WHP)

•To establish a multi-level Delivery System in the Private

Sector to Scale up Family Planning and Health Care

•Spanning 17 districts of West UP, covering 15,000 villages

and a population of 45 Mn

•A Network of

•15,000 Rural Health Providers

•1,500 Telemedicine Provision Centers

•50 Franchised Medical Clinics

•5,000 Shops and

•A Central Medical Facility

•Largest Rural Health and Healthcare delivery initiative

through telemedicine in the world

•ReMeDi™ enables the whole network

Implementation in India

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Automatic Weather Monitoring Solution

Weather plays an important role in the economic well being of majority of global


Eighty percent of agriculture crop yield is directly dependent on weather.

Timely weather forecast and availability of weather data at micro level would

benefit not only farmers but also insurance companies, micro finance

organizations, other rural financial organizations, agro-based institutions, power

generation industries and various government bodies alike.

High dependence on Weather

40% of sown area, 60% dependent on rains

Most irrigation from non-perennial sources

Dwindling ground water resources

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Financial resources not accessible to the farmers due to prior debts

Non-coordinated farm activities result in poor yield

Risk and Vulnerability trap people in poverty and hamper rural


Agricultural losses due to weather conditions is the most prominent reason for

rural debts and pushing farmers below the poverty line

Cause Proportion of Loss

Drought/Low Rainfall 70%

Floods/Excess Rainfall 20%

Others* 10%

* (Storms, Pests, Earthquakes)

Automatic Weather Monitoring Solution

Majority of agricultural losses can be attributed to vagaries

of weather

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• An integrated approach to farming can greatly impact this situation

Crop insurance based on weather

Reduce basis risk by increased density of weather stations

Increased investment in seeds and fertilizers due to reduced

risk for better yield

Good quality micro weather prediction

Soil quality testing & providing expert consultation

Crop insurance and micro weather prediction is possible only if accurate weather

data is available at high granularity

How to Solve the Problem

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Manual Weather Stations– Reliability of the data is in question due to manual collection

– Delays in the data reaching decision points

– High operational expenses

– Deployment density low, so local analysis most often not accurate

Automatic Weather Stations– Prohibitively expensive

– Mostly Standalone monitors, and not monitoring systems

In collaboration with IIT, Madras, and Department of Science & Technology, Automatic Weather Monitoring System was developed to

specifically address these issues

Weather Data at High Granularity

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• Breaking price barrier – costs a fraction of conventional systems

• Measures all important parameters

– Rainfall, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction

• Accurate readings (validated at IMD)

• Available in wired (Internet based) or wireless (GSM based) interfaces

• With battery backup and solar panel

• Centrally Configurable reading intervals

• Large storage for measurements at the station – 60,000 readings

• Complete Client and Server software

– Logging of readings from distributed locations

Micro-grid deployment of automatic weather stations now becomes possible

Automatic Weather Monitoring Solution

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Indradhanu now operational at 50 locations in Theni and Mayiladuthurai districts of Tamil Nadu

Measurement Parameter Range Accuracy Resolution

Atmospheric Temperature -30 – 70 ºC + 0.3 ºC 0.05 ºC

Atmospheric Pressure 0 – 1100 mbar + 1.5 mbar 0.1 mbar

Relative Humidity 0 – 100% + 2.0% 0.50%

Wind Speed 0 – 200 Km/h + 1.0 Km/h 0.1 Km/h

Wind Direction 0º – 360º + 5º 1º

Rainfall Continuous + 2.5% 0.25 mm

Parameters with Range and Accuracy

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Micro-grid deployment of automatic weather stations now becomes


Scenario 1

(Deployment at Internet Kiosks)

Computer at the

kiosk •Windows OS

•Serial Com Port and

•Internet Connection

•Indradhanu Station

Central Server with



Scenario 2

(GSM Based Deployment)

Indradhanu station in

GSM coverage area


Server with

GSM modem


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• GSM-SMS based technology

• Scalable Architecture – can support large deployments

• Readings and data/status communication at configurable intervals, Stations configurable from central server

• Data Recovery

– Remote through server & at location through web client

• Auto-monitoring and reports – various formats supported

• Periodic Data backups at the server

• Large local storage at the station

Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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• 300 stations throughout the


• Ground installation

• Continuous real-time Data at

state capital

Automatic Weather Monitoring System

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African Union Summit 2010

• Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

• Theme – “ICT in Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Development”

• Selection Process: Invited applications for showcasing ICT Products and Services in the Exhibition

• Our Product Telemedicine was selected and we received an invitation to participate as Exhibitors in AU Summit-2010

• Summit was attended by heads of state and government from more than 50 AU member states

• Opportunity to showcase Telemedicine to ICT Ministers and ICT advisors of more than 50 African Nations.

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Media Coverage at African Union Summit 2010

Ethiopian Television coverage on OIA Telemedicine

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President of Senegal’s Visit to our Booth

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President of Senegal’s Visit to our Booth

OIA, India

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OIA’s Commitment towards fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities

Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) Pvt. Ltd. held a Foundation Stone Laying

Ceremony of the OIA India Eye Care Centre on 4th August 2009 at the Zewditu Memorial

Hospital Campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Foundation Stone of the OIA India Eye Care Centre was laid by H. E. Mr. Girma

Wolde-Giorgis, Hon. President of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia and present on the

occasion were H. E. Mr. Gurjit Singh, Ambassador of India to Ethiopia, Mayor of Addis

Ababa City Administration and Ministers from the Health Ministry.


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Thank you and Over to You