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Information & Communications Technology Center Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement Abu-Hassan “Askia” Koroma CEO & Founder August, 2016

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Page 1: ICT Center Presentation

Information & Communications Technology CenterMattru Jong, Sierra Leone

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement

Abu-Hassan “Askia” KoromaCEO & Founder

 August, 2016

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Urgent Need to Connect Mattru Jong to the Digital Economy

• Along with many small towns in Sierra Leone, Mattru Jong is facing a vexing problem of unemployment and illiteracy.

• Studies have proven that broadband exhibit dramatic economic and social results in developing countries

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AYM’s Vision

Establish a Sustainable and Self Funded Information & Communications Technology Center that Connects Mattru Jong to Global e-Commerce Economy

1. Provision of better training & education to the community.2. Improvements in financial inclusion & access to new markets.3. Provision of real-time market prices & meteorological reports for 

farmers and fishermen, reducing occupational vulnerability and improving resilience.

4. Improvements in local healthcare & reduction in pathogenic incidence.

5. More effective communications. 

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Sustainable Long Term Business Model

 VSAT is the Only Viable Broadband Solution in the Near Term

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The ICT Center In Mattru Jong

Adopt a Phased Approach Building on the Success of the Community Center 

Established in 2013

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Building on a Strong Community Relationships and Foundation

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ICT Center Services Built Around Three Pillars

Economically Viable if All Users Share the Costs to Operate the ICT Center Forecasted at $55K per Year

Page 8: ICT Center Presentation

Investments Required for ICT Center to Become Self Sufficient

~ $175K Required Over 3 Years to Fund Upfront Investments and Operating Expenses

• VSAT Equipment & Installation• Onsite ICT Staff of 4 FTE• 25 PCs, Printer and Projector• Upgrade Existing Generator• AYM Staff for Oversight and Aligning Stakeholders

• UN Volunteers & NGO Partners for Training Content Leveraging Massive Open Online Courses

Page 9: ICT Center Presentation

Call to Action

Please Help Establish a Sustainable ICT Center in Mattru Jong Providing a Wonderful Opportunity to Improve the Lives of  ~ 10K People