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Photoshop is a fantastic program to create visuals, situations

and visual contexts.

These characters, templates and visual contexts can then be

used with IWBs.

Putting these visuals together to create narratives where students

can role play a variety of characters and explore situations.

By using the functionally in IWBs to support narratives

within virtual worlds you can create hyperlinks within the

document to differentiate activities for students with varied

abilities. Also you can hide information off screen until you

wish to reveal it.

Creating objects that can be moved around a page to help with

activities dealing with classification and explanation. The

images on the virtual noticeboard can be resized and moved.

The television contains a hyperlink to a YouTube which will help

the students formulate their answer.

When a number of the functions are combined together the

potential for creating engaging resources are limitless. The

resource above demonstrates ways that you can create dynamic

classroom discussions by using resizable/movable characters.

Activities where the teacher provides students with visual

clues to solve problems. The movable words correlate with

the visuals to help students piece together how a series of

events may have taken place.

Transferring these activities into Adobe Acrobat allows for

students to use functions like the Record Audio Comment tool.

Where they can give a guided tour of an art exhibition or

create conversations between characters. The painting of the

Weeping woman by Picasso can be hyperlinked to an external

website and his cartoon character portrait picture can be

hyperlinked internally to another page in the digital booklet.

Working on images with the Sticky Note tool can allow students

to locate a number of different objects within a space and place

their answers at the correct location.

Creating templates that can be used with OneNote is a good

way to have students engage with digital worksheets. They are

able to type their responses onto the document and then email

their answers immediately to the teacher.