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  • Nutrition JeopardyFunctions SourcesProblems NutrientSpecialQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy

  • $100 Question from H1Major source of energy for the body

  • $100 Answer from H1What is the function of carbohydrates?

  • $200 Question from H1Protects the body organs and helps regulate body temperature

  • $200 Answer from H1What is the function of fat?

  • $300 Question from H1Helps with vision

  • $300 Answer from H1What is the function of Vitamin A?

  • $400 Question from H1Builds and repairs body tissue

  • $400 Answer from H1What is the functionof protein?

  • $500 Question from H1Vitamin needed for bones and teeth

  • $500 Answer from H1What is the function Vitamin D?

  • $100 Question from H255-60% of calorie intakeshould come from grains

  • $100 Answer from H2What are the sourcesof carbohydrates?

  • $200 Question from H2Animal and plant sourcescombined together form the best source for this nutrient

  • $200 Answer from H2What is protein?

  • $300 Question from H2Visible and invisiblesources are found in butteravocados, salad dressings,and baked goods are a source of this nutrient.

  • $300 Answer from H2What is fat?

  • $400 Question from H2Dark green leafy andbright fruit and vegetables,liver, and red meats are a good source of this nutrient

  • $400 Answer from H2What is Vitamin A,D,E,K or fat soluble vitamins?

  • $500 Question from H2Fruits, bread and meats area good source for this vitamingroup

  • $500 Answer from H2What is water solubleVitamins (B and C)?

  • $100 Question from H3Too little iodine can cause this disease

  • $100 Answer from H3What is goiter?

  • $200 Question from H3Too little calcium in older women (men too) can cause this

  • $200 Answer from H3What is Osteoporosis?

  • $300 Question from H3Problems caused bytoo little protein

  • $300 Answer from H3What is Kwashiorkor?

  • $400 Question from H3A problem associated withtoo little Vitamin B?

  • $400 Answer from H3What is either beriberior pellagra?

  • $500 Question from H3A problem associated with too little Vitamin C

  • $500 Answer from H3What is scurvy?

  • $100 Question from H4Amino acids make up this nutrient

  • $100 Answer from H4What is protein?

  • $200 Question from H4Mineral needed forstrong bones and teeth

  • $200 Answer from H4What is Calcium?

  • $300 Question from H4Nutrient that is needed to lubricate joints andcells

  • $300 Answer from H4What is water?

  • $400 Question from H4The nutrient in which iodine, and sodium belong

  • $400 Answer from H4What is minerals?

  • $500 Question from H4The last nutrient that ourbody uses for energy

  • $500 Answer from H4What is protein?

  • $100 Question from H5Caused by eating too manyproteins, carbohydrates andfat in your diet

  • $100 Answer from H5What is obesity?

  • $200 Question from H5A, D, E and K

  • $200 Answer from H5What are the fatsoluble vitamins?

  • $300 Question from H5These are water soluble vitamins

  • $300 Answer from H5What are Vitamins B and C?

  • $400 Question from H5Antioxidant found in mostfoods

  • $400 Answer from H5What is Vitamin E?

  • $500 Question from H5Helps prevent sinkers

  • $500 Answer from H5What is fiber?

  • Final JeopardyList the six nutrients

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerProtein, Carbohydrates, FatVitamins, Minerals, andWater


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