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  • ProgressivismJeopardyQ $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $200Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy






    Odds & Ends

  • $100 Question from Terms/IdeasWho were progressives?

  • $100 Answer from Terms/IdeasPeople who want to bring about change in society

  • $200 Question from Terms/Ideas What is a muckraker?

  • $200 Answer from Terms/IdeasWriters who expose corruption in order to promote change

  • $300 Question from Terms/Ideas

    How did the Pendleton Act help minimize political corruption?

  • $300 Answer from Terms/IdeasIt established the civil service commission so politicians could no longer give out federal jobs

  • $400 Question from Terms/Ideas What is a political machine?

  • $400 Answer from Terms/Ideas A nickname given to an organization that is linked to a political party

  • $500 Question from Terms/Ideas What is a conservationist?

  • $500 Answer from Terms/Ideas

    Someone who wants to protect the environment and our natural resources

  • $100 Question from PeopleWhat sort of people made up progressives?

  • $100 Answer from PeopleWritersPoliticiansConservationistSocial workers

  • $200 Question from PeopleWho was the conservationist who befriended Teddy Roosevelt?

  • $200 Answer from PeopleJohn Muir

  • $300 Question from People

    What is socialism?

  • $300 Answer from PeopleEconomic belief where everything is controlled by the government and than shared equally with all people

  • $400 Question from PeopleWho started Hull House in order to help immigrants transition into America?

  • $400 Answer from PeopleJane Addams

  • $500 Question from PeopleWhich problems did progressive face at the start of the 20th century.

  • $500 Answer from PeoplePolitical corruptionAlcohol abuseGender discriminationEnvironmental problemsDiscrimination toward immigrants

  • $100 Question from PresidentsWhat was Roosevelts Square Deal for America?

  • $100 Answer from PresidentsHe wanted to ensure that people had an equal opportunity for success

  • $200 Question from PresidentsWhich Republican was handpicked by Roosevelt to run for President in 1908?

  • $200 Answer from Presidents

    Taft was picked by be the republican presidential candidate in the 1908 election

  • $300 Question from Presidents What was the biggest weakness of all three progressive presidents?

  • $300 Answer from PresidentsThey did nothing to help African Americans gain civil rights.

  • $400 Question from PresidentsWhat did Teddy Roosevelt do after reading The Jungle?

  • $400 Answer from PresidentsHe helped pass laws to protectconsumers, such as the Meat Inspection Act & the Pure food and Drug Act

  • $500 Question from PresidentsWhat political party was Teddy Roosevelt a member of when he ran for president in 1912?

  • $500 Answer from PresidentsThe Progressive orBull Moose Party

  • $100 Question from Amendments/ActsWhat was the first federal law used to Control trusts & monopolies?

  • $100 Answer from Amendments/ActsSherman Anti-Trust Act

  • $200 Question from Amendments/ActsWhat did suffragists fight for?

  • $200 Answer from AmendmentsThe right to vote for women

  • $300 Question from AmendmentsWhat was the purpose of the 16th amendment,which created personal income tax?

  • $300 Answer from Amendments/Acts

    So there would be money to run our government & social service programs

  • $400 Question from Amendments/ActsWhat did the Federal Reserve Act do?

  • $400 Answer from Amendments/ActsCreated a stronger banking systemUnified under the Federal Reserve Bank

  • $500 Question from Amendments/ActsWhat changes did the 17th Amendment make?

  • $500 Answer from Amendments/ActsIt stated that senators wouldbe directly elected by the people

  • $100 Question from Odds & EndsWhat were some reasons why people wanted to push for the 18th Amendment,Which prohibited the sale, manufacturing,And consumption of alcohol?

  • $100 Answer from Odds & EndsDecrease domestic violenceDecrease povertyDecrease work related accidentsDecrease driving accidents

  • $200 Question from Odds & EndsWhat is political patronage/spoils system?

  • $200 Answer from Odds & EndsThe exchange of jobs for money or favors toward politicians

  • $300 Question from Odds & EndsWhat was put in place to get rid of election corruption? It created the:InitiativeReferendumRecall

  • $300 Answer from Odds & EndsThe Oregon System

  • $400 Question from Odds & EndsWhat is a direct primary?

  • $400 Answer from Odds & Ends People directly elect candidates for the general election, not politicians

  • $500 Question from Odds & EndsWhich president was known as a trustbuster?

  • $500 Answer from Odds & EndsTeddy Roosevelt

  • Final JeopardyWhat was put in place to get rid of election corruption? It created the: InitiativeReferendumRecall

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerThe Oregon System



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