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Slide 2 Jeopardy Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy Slide 3 $100 Question from Technology What new technology drew so many people to cities? Slide 4 $100 Answer from Technology Factories/ Assembly Line Slide 5 $200 Question from Technology How did Elevators Impact city growth? Slide 6 $200 Answer from Technology Allowed for the building of large sky scrapers by allowing workers to go up many floors very easily Slide 7 $300 Question from Technology Steel buildings replaced? Slide 8 $300 Answer from Technology Brick, Stone, and Concrete Buildings Slide 9 $400 Question from Technology What was the specific type of new transportation that Chicago had? (What was different there than other cities?) Slide 10 $400 Answer from Technology Elevated Rail Lines, or El Lines Slide 11 $500 Question from Technology Why can sky scrapers have lots of windows? Slide 12 $500 Answer from Technology The outer walls of the skyscraper do not need to support the weight of the building, so skyscrapers use windows to let in light. Slide 13 $100 Question from Political Machines An Organization that influences enough votes to control a local government is? Slide 14 $100 Answer from Political Machines Political Machine Slide 15 $200 Question from Political Machines How did Political Machines achieve their goals and get votes legally? Slide 16 $200 Answer from Political Machines By giving favors like Jobs or Food to their supporters Slide 17 $300 Question from Political Machines What was the most famous political machine? Slide 18 $300 Answer from Political Machines Tammany Hall Slide 19 $400 Question from Political Machines Despite their shrewd activities to gain control, what types of good things did political machines do? Slide 20 $400 Answer from Political Machines Built Parks, sewers, schools, roads, and orphanages in many cities. Slide 21 $500 Question from Political Machines Who was the leader of the Tammany Hall Political Machine? Slide 22 $500 Answer from Political Machines William Marcy Tweed Boss Tweed Slide 23 $100 Question from Immigrants There were two major waves of immigration from Europe. Where were they from? Slide 24 $100 Answer from Immigrants 1. North and Western Europe 2. South and Eastern Europe Slide 25 $200 Question from Immigrants What were the 3 immigration centers we studied during this chapter? Slide 26 $200 Answer from Immigrants Ellis Island, Angel Island, and San Antonio, Texas Slide 27 $300 Question from Immigrants What is an Ethnic Neighborhood? What are two examples? Slide 28 $300 Answer from Immigrants A neighborhood where people of the same ethnicity live together. EX: Chinatown and Little Italy, etc. Slide 29 $400 Question from Immigrants As more and more immigrants came to the United States, America became a ______ and immigrants were forced to _________ to American Culture. Slide 30 $400 Answer from Immigrants Melting Pot, and Assimilation Slide 31 $500 Question from Immigrants Many immigrants faced discrimination but what one group was discriminated the most. What did the American Government pass discriminating these people? Slide 32 $500 Answer from Immigrants Chinese Exclusion Act Slide 33 $100 Question from Urban Life Urbanization is what? Slide 34 $100 Answer from Urban Life Growth of Cities Slide 35 $200 Question from Urban Life What is a Tenement? Slide 36 $200 Answer from Urban Life An apartment that is run down and overcrowded. Slide 37 $300 Question from Urban Life What is a Slum? Slide 38 $300 Answer from Urban Life A neighborhood that is overcrowded and has dangerous housing. Slide 39 $400 Question from Urban Life The Social Gospel aimed at improving life for the Urban Poor. Some reformers were inspired to create what? Slide 40 $400 Answer from Urban Life Settlement Houses Slide 41 $500 Question from Urban Life The most important social gospel reformer was ________ and what did this person start in Chicago? Slide 42 $500 Answer from Urban Life Jane Addams and the Hull House. Slide 43 $100 Question from Random What is the American Symbol of Freedom and Liberty? Slide 44 $100 Answer from Random Statue of Liberty Slide 45 $200 Question from Random If you had this infection you were almost always sent back to Europe. Slide 46 $200 Answer from Random Pink Eye. Slide 47 $300 Question from Random What was the first city with a Street Car system? Slide 48 $300 Answer from Random Richmond, Virginia Slide 49 $400 Question from Random What are five Push and Pull Factors for Immigrants? Slide 50 $400 Answer from Random Answers Will Vary Slide 51 $500 Question from Random How many Irish Immigrated to the United States or Europe because of the Potato Famine? Slide 52 $500 Answer from Random 1 Million Slide 53 Final Jeopardy The state with the highest amount of people who walk to work is? Slide 54 Final Jeopardy Answer Alaska!!


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