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  • Number the StarsMid-Novel Review Jeopardy

  • Jeopardy Q $100Q $200Q $300Q $400Q $500Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $100Q $200Q $200Q $200 Q $200Q $300 Q $300Q $300Q $300Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $400Q $500Q $500Q $500Q $500Final Jeopardy



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  • Which of the two girls is blond? Annemarie or Ellen?

  • Annemarie

  • What are some clues that Peter is part of the Resistance movement?

  • He brings people Die Frie Danske, hes always on the move, when he was out after curfew he brought Annemarie seashells, he helped hide the Rosens.

  • What question did Uncle Henrick ask Annemarie?

  • Are you brave?

  • Who did mama say had typhus, a highly contagious disease?

  • Great Aunt Birte

  • Why did Mrs. Rosen tell Annemarie it was important to be one of the crowd?

  • It could be used against them in the future.

  • Why did the Danes destroy their own Navy?

  • To keep the Nazis from using their ships.

  • How did the Johansons hide Ellen when the Nazis came?

  • They claimed Ellen was their daughter Lise.

  • What is the major conflict in the novel?

  • The Nazis wanted to arrest all of the Jews and relocate them.

  • Why did Annemarie have to rip Ellens necklace off?

  • If the Nazis saw the Star of David necklace, they would know that Ellen was Jewish.

  • Papa proved that Ellen was his daughter by showing the soldiers what?

  • Pictures from the family photo album

  • Name two examples of food that was rationed during WWII.

  • Butter, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, and Cream

  • Who are the bodyguards for King Christian X?

  • All of Denmark

  • What happened when the Norwegians tried to stop the Germans from invading their country?

  • Norway could not stop the powerful German army and was crushed.

  • Why was Annemarie concerned that the Germans were closing shops that belonged to the Jews?

  • Annemarie was also Jewish.

  • Why did Ellen come to stay with Annemarie and her family?

  • The Nazis had stolen a list of Jewish people from the synagogue.

  • During what time period does this story take place?

  • World War II

  • What country does this story take place in?

  • Denmark

  • Why did papa refer to a lot of cigarettes when talking with Uncle Henrick?

  • It was a secret code meaning lots of Jews.

  • Why is Annemarie excited about the butter at the breakfast table?

  • The soldiers had been taking it for themselves.

  • Why isnt Annemarie sad when she hears the news of Great Aunt Birtes death?

  • She does not believe she exists.

  • What does sabotage mean?

  • To harm someone or something usually during war.

  • The use of the word resistance in the novel refers to what?

  • Opposing Forces

  • Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt. Three years theyve been in our country, and still they cant speak the language. What does contempt mean?

  • To despise

  • Which of the following is not a theme for our novel?

    Mans InhumanityFriendshipRomance

  • Romance

  • Kirsti dawdled just behind them or scampered ahead, never out of their sight.

    What does the word dawdled mean in this sentence?

  • Took longer time than necessary

  • Final Jeopardy

    What was the authors purpose in writing this story?

  • Final Jeopardy AnswerTo show the determination of Denmark to get their Jews to safety while the Nazis were equally determined to harm them.


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