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Today's modern tech marketer knows that the key to nurturing the IT Committee is by earning their trust and credibility with engaging , relevant content. to find out how, LinkedIn surveyed over 2,300 IT Committee members on LinkedIn globally.


  • 1. Global Versionin - , ';l "l3 Keys to Nurturing I the IT CommitteeW (2 Today's modern tech marketer knows that the key to nurturing the IT Committee is by earning theirtrust and l credibility with engaging,relevant content.To find out I how,Linkedln surveyed over 2,300 IT Committee L members on Linkedln globally. Growing 1 G fasterthan general member growth10+ millionglobal Linkedln members who influence IT purchasing decisions across departments and senioritiesThey're hungry for IT news and information on social [email protected] use social media for i? "i: u.2:; ~as ' 1!each month Visit Linkedln Visit Facebook Visit Goog| e+ Visit TwitterI.Recognize the power of alwayson F educational content that's not all about you 3% are more likely to consider an IT vendor that educates through each stage of the decision process55% are most interested in rxcmubranded/ nonsaIes51% are more favorable toward an IT vendor who pu. l;. .', ,.';5 3'content2. Leverage the internal expertiseContent from experts is the most influentialInfluence on tech purchases (by purchase stage and content source)EXPERT CONTENT USER/ PEER REVIEW BRANDED CONTENTYour organization's internal experts are an untapped resource: 70/0stated expertise is based on references from COw: ::.'only 12% defined an expert-i as VP+.So experts need not and.have senior titles. Are more favorable toward a vendor whose employees share content on Linkedln3. Don't disrupt the IT Committee by gating content too early or too oftenWhen gating FIRST piece of content When gating ALL content% less likely to .OA,consider a vendor .% 3? (among inmarket IT com mittee)ofthe IT Committee provides fake information when they complete a lead capture form VThe average IT Committee member needs to consume,1; ksces of content before they are ready to talk to a sales rep.. _..,_Start the sales cycle on the IT Committee's schedule,while staying top of mind with valuable,helpful content on Linkedln. 9 * For more 'nfo on th's research,'s't | nkd. in/ nurture| T Linked in .' ' Source:Linkedln global survey and internal data,Q2 2014.Who is the IT Committee?Jyou may not know you have K