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  1. 1. France3 Keys to Nurturingthe IT CommitteeTodays modern tech marketer knows that the key tonurturing the IT Committee is by earning their trust andcredibility with engaging, relevant content. To find outhow, LinkedIn surveyed over 200+ IT Committeemembers in France.Who is the IT Committee?10+ millionGrowing 1.25xfaster than generalmember growthTheyre hungry for IT news and information on social mediause social media for IT newsand information each month83%78% 40% 37%Visit LinkedIn Visit Twitter Visit Facebook Visit Google+1. Recognise the power of always-oneducational content that's not all about youare more likely to consider an IT vendor that educatesthem through each stage of the decision processare most interested in non-branded/non-salesfocused contentare more favourable toward an IT vendor whopublishes industry content38%2. Leverage the internal expertiseyou may not know you haveContent from experts is the most influentialInfluence on tech purchases(by purchase stage and content source)Average: 43% Average: 41% Average: 30%E XPERT CONTENT USER /PEER RE VIEW BR ANDED CONTENTYour organisations internal experts are an untapped resource:78%stated expertise is based onreferences from co-workersand colleagues.When gating FIRST piece of content20%% less likely toconsider a vendor(among in-market ITcommittee)26%only 26% defined an expertas VP+. So experts need nothave senior titles.Are more favourable toward a vendorwhose employees share content on LinkedIn3. Dont disrupt the IT Committee by gatingcontent too early or too oftenWhen gating ALL contentof the IT Committee provides fake informationwhen they complete a lead capture form7 8 9 10 115 3 264 1The average IT Committeemember needs to consume11 pieces of content before theyare ready to talk to a sales rep.Start the sales cycle on the IT Committee's schedule, whilestaying top of mind with valuable, helpful content on LinkedIn.For more info on this research, visit LinkedIn EMEA survey and internal data, Q2 2014LinkedIn members globally whoinfluence IT purchasing decisionsacross departments and seniorities42%50%48%36% 66%59%AwarenessScopeSelectPlanImplementAwarenessScopeSelectPlanImplementAwarenessScopeSelectPlanImplement50%58%22%42% 41% 44%55%27%40% 39%33%38%23%29%25%