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<ul><li><p> pages 7- 14</p><p></p><p>NEWCASTLE-under-Lyme College (NULC)is launching an exciting new range ofcourses for adults from September.The College has recently redesigned its </p><p>part-time curriculum to help ensure that localcommunity needs are being met.</p><p>A number of new courses are being introducedin subjects including Horticulture, MusicTechnology and DIY, alongside popular coursessuch as Access to Higher Education, Accountingand Book-keeping and Teacher Training.</p><p>See main story on page 3 and read adultsuccess stories on page 4</p><p>GOING FOR GOLD:NULC Sports Therapy LecturerAnthony Bosson is on his wayto the Olympics as part ofTeam GB 2012. SEE BACK PAGE</p><p>OUR INSPIRATIONS:Adult learners tell how learningand training at Newcastle-under-Lyme College haschanged their lives. SEE PAGE FOUR</p><p>ITS THEBUSINESSFormer NULCstudentopens ArtBoutique atTrenthamGardens. SEEPAGE SIX</p><p>ROYAL VISIT:The Duke of York was given aguided tour of the Colleges 60million campus and addressedhundreds of students. SEE PAGE FIVE</p><p>COMMUNITY SUPPORT:Staff and students join forcesto raise thousands of poundsfor local charities. SEE PAGE 19</p><p>newsNULCnewsNULC</p><p>Your FREE newspaper from Newcastle-under-Lyme College</p><p>Issue 2 Summer 2012 Tel: 01782 254254</p><p>Check out our excitingrange of courses </p><p>for adults startingfrom September</p><p>2012!</p><p>Part-timeCourseGuideINSIDE!</p><p>FOLLOW THE CODE...QR codes like this one are printed throughoutNULC News.Scan the code with yourSmartphone to go straightto the relevant webpage.</p><p>FORMER NULC student Dave Hugheshas been named the VQ Learner ofthe Year 2012 for the West Midlands.</p><p>Dave beat off competition fromacross the region and is now in therunning for the national award alongwith vocational learners from eightother English regions.</p><p>VQ Learner of the Year Awardscelebrate the success of learners whohave studied vocationalqualifications.</p><p>Daves entrepreneurial spirit andcommitment to supporting thecareers of young designers in settingup his own agency elloDaveimpressed the judges.</p><p>Dave said:Im delighted to bechosen as the West Midlands VQLearner of the Year and immenselyproud to be recognised for all thehard work Ive put in both while atcollege and since setting up mybusiness.</p><p>The support from my lecturersand the college both while I wasstudying and since leaving has beensecond to none and I feel privilegedto be able to give something back.</p><p>Learning boostFOR ADULTS</p><p>Dave Hughesat work in hisoffice in the</p><p>StaffordshireMoorlands.</p><p>Singlemum Lindsay</p><p>Ramsell aims to goto university aftercompleting a pre-access course at</p><p>NULC.</p><p>Dave scoopstop accolade</p><p>NULC News p1 14/6/12 16:39 Page 1</p></li><li><p>2 NULC NEWS</p><p>Exciting new courses startingSeptember 2012</p><p>New two year courses availableto study part-time at NULCsbespoke University Centre</p><p> HNC Business HNC Construction HNC Sport, Health and Fitness HNC Applied Science HNC Health and Social Care</p><p>For full course information, call 01782 254254or email </p><p>Local opportunities canavoid university costs</p><p>NEWCASTLE-under-Lyme College(NULC) is offeringan increased range offinancial support to helpits students meet the costof attending college. Thefinancial supportpackage on offer includesbursaries and allowances,attendance incentivesand scholarships, as wellas discounted bus passesand help with childcarecosts.</p><p>Karen Dobson, NULCPrincipal and Chief Executive,said:With the current difficulteconomic climate, werecommitted to supporting ourstudents in every way andbelieve its important thateveryone has the opportunityof a high quality education,regardless of their financialcircumstances.</p><p>The Colleges GuaranteedBursary Allowance (GBA) isavailable to students who are incare or are a care leaver, as wellas those in receipt of IncomeSupport or EmploymentSupport Allowance andDisability Living Allowance.</p><p>The College has alsolaunched its own means-testedallowance scheme, called theNewcastle MaintenanceAllowance (NMA) to replacethe old Education MaintenanceAllowance (EMA) for anyonewith a household income ofless than 21,000 per annum.</p><p>It credits students with 30per week, paid directly intotheir bank account. There is alsoa bonus payment, subject to fullattendance and successfulcompletion of their course.</p><p>Eligible students can get upto 20 per week to supportthem with the cost of attendingcollege and meals, as well asapplying for help with </p><p>course-related costs includingessential books, stationery,equipment and trips.</p><p>She added:We understandthat there are increasingfinancial pressures on families,so our allowance scheme isthere to help remove financialbarriers to college, enablingaccess to higher education andemployment.</p><p>In 2011, the College launchedthe Student of the Month,Talent+ Scholarship Programmeand Elite Sports PerformanceProgramme which recogniseseffort, achievement andexcellence through a range offinancial and other rewardsworth up to 1,000. During2011-12, over 150 studentshave benefited from theseschemes.</p><p>A range of other financialsupport is on offer to allstudents, including subsidisedbus passes and travel cards plusdiscounts on items from the</p><p>Colleges food hall and coffeeshop. NULC students can alsoclaim money savings on arange of local products andservices, from driving lessons toclothing, using their NULCstudent card.</p><p>The College has highexpectations of studentattendance and has introduceda range of incentives to rewardthose with 100% attendance.Up to ten students per weekare selected to receive a 10bonus paid directly onto theirNULC student card.</p><p>In addition, two students permonth receive 50 and afurther two students per termare selected to receive 100,based on 100 per centattendance and commitment totheir course. To find out more about therange of financial support onoffer at NULC for students of allages, visit</p><p>Support helpsstudents withFINANCES</p><p>Were committedto supporting ourstudents in everyway and believe</p><p>its importantthat everyone has</p><p>the opportunityof a high quality</p><p>education.</p><p>NULC Principal and Chief ExecutiveKaren Dobson.</p><p>STAYING local to study a degree-levelqualification is proving increasingly popularfor young people and adults.</p><p>Newcastle-under-Lyme College (NULC) isworking in partnership with StaffordshireUniversity to deliver Foundation degrees (Fds)and Foundation Years in a wide range ofsubjects from its bespoke University Centre.</p><p>Janet Scrivens, Head of Lifelong Learning,said: "We're continually expanding thenumber of degree-level qualifications weoffer, such as HNCs, HNDs and Foundationdegrees, to ensure young people and adultshave the opportunity to achieve their fullpotential. Our University Centre has excellentfacilities, including open-access PCs, groupstudy areas and a comfortable social space.Students benefit from working closely withtutors and enjoy a friendly, supportiveenvironment, designed especially for adults."</p><p>Foundation degrees are innovative coursesdesigned with employers to combineacademic study with work-based learning,allowing for flexible study in the workplaceand at college. Foundation degrees can bestudied full-time over two years or part-timeover three years. At the end, students areawarded a Foundation degree and then havethe option to complete a final year of study ata University of their choice to top-up theirqualification to a full BA Honours.</p><p>The College currently has over 350 studentsstudying Higher Education courses at theUniversity Centre at the Knutton campus. To find out more about therange of University-levelcourses on offer at NULC or contactthe Information Point on01782 254254.</p><p>NULC News p2 14/6/12 16:41 Page 1</p></li><li><p>NULC NEWS 3</p><p>We can provide FREE* help and support to get yourcareer back on track</p><p> Detailed information, advice and guidance</p><p> High quality training Support with job search activities Employability skills Short vocational training</p><p>*Subject to eligibility</p><p>Arange of brand new courseshave been unveiled byNewcastle-under-LymeCollege (NULC) to encourage moreadults back into learning.</p><p>The College is offering a wide rangeof part-time courses from September2012 to help provide adults fromacross North Staffordshire and thewider area with routes intoemployment and better job prospects.</p><p>Karen Dobson, Principal and ChiefExecutive at NULC, said:Werecommitted to meeting the needs ofour local community and, right now, wewant to support adults in finding workand taking the first steps towardsimproving their career prospects in thisdifficult economic climate.</p><p>Last year, the College launched itsnew Employment and Training Centre,</p><p>which has so far provided more than100 unemployed adults with freeemployability skills and work-relatedtraining to help them find a new job.</p><p>Karen added:Our new campusprovides a warm and welcomingatmosphere and some of the bestfacilities in the country, with specialareas for mature learners.</p><p>Whats more, we have friendly andexperienced advisers who are trainedin providing impartial information,advice and guidance for those adultswho need some help deciding what todo.</p><p>Id urge anyone who is thinkingabout improving their skills or doing acourse to talk to us were here tohelp.</p><p>NULC offers a wide range of part-time and work-based courses for adults</p><p>in subjects including Accounting, Artand Design, Childcare, Teaching,Engineering, Computing, Care,Management, Construction and Mathsand English.</p><p>As well as courses at the Collegesmain campus on Knutton Lane, theCollege will be continuing to runrecreational classes in a number ofcommunity venues across the Boroughin areas including Clayton, Kidsgrove,Chesterton and Audley.</p><p>A number of degree-level coursesare also on offer at the Collegesbespoke University Centre, includingFoundation degrees delivered inpartnership with StaffordshireUniversity and HNC/HNDs. To view the full range of courseson offer for adults from September2012, turn to page 7.</p><p>For more informationand advice, call 01782254254, orvisit </p><p>Name: Martyn LomaxCurrent Job: Managing Director atFilm Production CompanyHumanoid Productions LtdStudied: IT</p><p>I studied IT at Newcastle-under-Lyme College, which you wouldntnecessarily think would meanprogressing in to the film industry,but there are numerous skillsneeded to make a successfulproduction. Itll be great to sharemy career path with currentstudents and Im expecting to seesome great work from them!</p><p>Name: Belinda Latimer Current Job: Art and DesignTeacherStudied: A Levels in Photography(A), Art and Design (B) and BTEC Artand Design (Merit) </p><p>I can honestly say that NULCchanged my outlook on learningand being creative. It helped me toshape my own philosophy ofteaching art. I knew the Collegehad a fantastic reputation for artand design, and I really liked theatmosphere when I visited for thefirst time.The facilities inspired meto work hard and the staff had a lotof enthusiasm for our progression;there was a genuine sense thatthey wanted me to do well. Aftercollege, I went on to study a BA(Hons) in Crafts at CamberwellCollege of Arts in London. </p><p>Name: Pete Bebb Current Job: OSCAR winningcomputer imagery artist </p><p>Pete Bebb, won an Academy Awardfor his work on the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster Inception. Petereturned to NULC for the HeatWave Film Festival where he spentthe day providing workshops forcurrent students.</p><p>Pete said:The film festival hasbeen brilliant, it has been a realinspiration to meet suchenthusiastic students.The qualityof students at the College is greatand I expect to see some greatthings from these students in thefuture.The facilities at the Collegeare amazing and have certainlybeen designed to encourage thenext generation of film makers.XX More on page six</p><p>Where are theynow? NULCstudents go onto excitingcareer paths</p><p>Thursday 30 August 2pm-8pmAdvice and Enrolment Event for Adults</p><p>The College can provide a serviceto employers by assisting inrecruitment and pre-employmenttraining of candidates with theright skills and aptitudes; as wellas supporting employers who maybe looking to reduce the size oftheir workforce by providingadvice, guidance, training and jobmatching services to employees inadvance of redundancy.</p><p>For more information please callthe Employment and TrainingCentre Team on:</p><p>01782 254128</p><p>SERVICES FOREMPLOYERSSteps to Work Programme</p><p>For more information call the Employment and Training Centre Team on 01782 254124, email or visit</p><p>Courses to help youTAKE CONTROL</p><p>The range ofcourses on offer this</p><p>year is fantastic...there is a real broad</p><p>range withsomething to appeal</p><p>to everyone.</p><p>Are you out of work and looking for a job?</p></li><li><p>4 NULC NEWS</p><p>For more information about all our courses visit or call 01782 254254</p><p>Skills for life... making the most of college leads to inspirational stories</p><p>RACHEL Davenport, aged 23from Chesterton, is a mum ofthree and studies part-time atNewcastle-under-Lyme College(NULC) on a Skills for Life course.</p><p>Having left school with no GCSEs,Rachel found both job opportunitiesand the chance to progress in lifelimited. Spurred on by havingchildren, Rachel decided to return toeducation in 2011, where she nowstudies Maths 4 U and English 4 U.</p><p>Rachel said:Doing the course hashelped me in more ways than Ithought. Not only have I improved myliteracy and numeracy skills but myself confidencehas grown too.Before coming tocollege I wasembarrassed andconvinced peoplewere laughing atme when I had tofill a form in orwrite anything inpublic.</p><p>But now I havemore confidence inmyself and I can alsohelp my childrenwith their homeworkand not feelembarrassed or like afraud in front ofother people!</p><p>Rachel added:Ineeded to completea course to improvemy Maths and Englishin order to get a job.Its as simple as that!Anyone sat at homewondering what to dowith their life, I say just go for it andmake that step back in to education,you wont regret it!</p><p>LINDSAY Ramsell, aged 35pictured above, from Hanley,is a single mum to 13-year-oldLaura and also a full-time carer forher mum who suffers from COPD,Heart Failure and is also Diabetic.</p><p>Lindsayenrolled at</p><p>Newcastle-under-Lyme College(NULC) on Skills for Life Literacy andNumeracy courses in 2011. Lindsayexplains why she decided to return toeducation:Being a single parentmeans that all eyes are on you. Thequestions your child comes to youwith, you cant avoid. My daughter isnow in high school and thehomework questions get harder theolder she gets.</p><p>So I knew that I was going to haveto update my Numeracy and Literacyskills in order for my daughter toreach her potential.</p><p>Lindsay continues:Im alsocompleting a Pre-Access course at thesame time and plan to progress on tothe Access to Higher Education coursein September, which means I will beable to go on to University in thefuture.</p><p>Speaking about her experience atNULC, Lindsay said:Studying at NULCis great, the atmosphere is relaxed, thetutors are supportive andapproachable and theres a dedicatedspace for adult learners.</p><p>I have so much more confidence inmy...</p></li></ul>