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<ol><li> 1. Winter 2006 </li><li> 2. The Long Weekend The loaded Long Weekend kicked off on Friday with an open mic competition hosted by the fabulous South London open mic outfit Speakers Corner. The winner of a weeklong choice fm competition joined Mr Gee, Lumes, Street Politics, Wong and Boya, on stage and they blew us away with their performances! On Saturday we all took to the dance-floor and learned some break-dancing with Jonzi Ds company, followed by an opening party to celebrate the Brixton Street Studio Photography Project. Abstract Sunday offered us the chance to do some digital graffiti whilst soaking up brilliant tunes brought to us by east-London djs. On Monday we enjoyed the much awaited screening of Take 32, a video project undertaken in collaboration with Gateway Foyer followed by a chilled out afternoon of acoustic lives sets hosted by Dr Stoo. Skaters invaded Tates graffiti clad skate park throughout the weekend and we were treated to great demos twice a day, every day! We also got to take part in an interactive photography project brought to us by Chris Anderson and Alison Locke. The weekend ended on a real high with the last (sob!) skate demo. We cant wait for the next Long Weekend! Clea and Helen Kandinsky Summer Course Being involved in leading the Making Music summer course was really exciting. We discovered the musical influences behind Kandinskys work, engaged in synaesthesic experiences (thats when your brain confuses sight and sound our word of the week!), and produced some vibrant abstract music, based on pictures in the exhibition. In only three days the Raw Canvas team shared their favourite Kandinsky paintings; discussed graphical scores; wondered at the miracles of thunder tubes and space phones; worked together to recordfound sounds; musicians Angela and Ivan taught how to use professional music composing software; and people teamed up to create their own interpretations of Kandinskys paintings in sound. Abigail Boswell Ready Steady Cook South African-Chinese artist Anthony Key came to TM and cooked a wonderful dish - Won Ton in the Tate kitchens and we got to help out. He than gave an inspirational talk about his work and how he uses food to explore the relationship between his Western and Eastern identities. Everyone got a takeaway box of activities to explore and plenty of Chinese food was eaten by all! Rachel Dedman Newsletter Designed By Ereomala Atigolo </li><li> 3. The Pierre Huyghe Summer Course The Pierre Huyghe Summer Course was based around the show Celebration Park by the French artist, from which we lovingly borrowed Pierres methods and themes. In fact everything from albino penguins to rainbow doughnuts and the third memory phenomena, we used it all to fashion a multilevel audience participatory spectacle. The idea was to bring to life a simple cartoon character by giving it memories borrowed from gallery visitors. By asking visitors questions, and photographing models that represented the memories, we had an almost fully formed history for our characters. The characters interacted with the public through the magic of some portable projectors which we borrowed from Toshiba. We projected pictures of the characters and their memories into the hands of the public so they held the artwork they helped to make. It was complex, but far more fun than complicated and everyone that took part was fantastic. In short, it was spectacular. Roger White Speaker Corner Raw Canvas collaborated for the workshop with no other than the grimey South London open mic outfit Speakers Corner! The participants also felt that workshop was interesting and different to previous workshops/events, especially the mix between hip-hop/poetry and art, they also felt the walk around of the museum was informative as well. The evening was a free-style MC-ing event with an images and words slideshow put together by the Raw Canvas team, to which the MCs had to free-style some lyrics. Overall the Speaker Corner event was a success, everybody enjoyed themselves, performances were good from participates who spitted some bars at the end and especially the speaker corners MCs who were exciting, articulate and funny. Ereomala Atigolo Newsletter Designed By Ereomala Atigolo </li><li> 4. The Way Things Were: Raw Canvas Party Clore Education Centre Saturday 9 December 18.00-21.00 Celebrate the passing of time with Tate Moderns Youth programme. Throw yourself into an evening of off-the-wall events based on the work of Peter Fischli and David Weiss. This is your chance to rethink the objects you use everyday, invent one-minute sculptures or take part in the Raw Canvas Challenge. For ages 15-23 Free, booking recommended Includes refreshments and drinks reception Raw Canvas Training Course Begins January 2007 Feel like galleries and museums are designed for somebody else? Want to get more involved in planning events for people your own age? Young Tate Training Courses give you the opportunity to get behind the scenes of your local Tate and get involved in designing and running events for your peers. The course is for people between the ages of 15 and 23 who can commit to two hours a week on Monday evenings for 12 weeks. For more information and application form visit www.tate. Closing date for applications: 1st December 2006 Newsletter Designed By Ereomala Atigolo </li></ol>