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Newspaper from Newcastle-under-Lyme College. Summer 2014.


<ul><li><p>AWARD WINNER 2012</p><p>GOLD</p><p>HERE TO HELPNULCs Infopoint team have allthe answers about courses andtraining opportunities foradults who want to furthertheir careers or find a new job.</p><p> SEE PAGE 3</p><p>FIT FOR THE FUTURETheres lots going on at theNULC sports centre. See storiesand exercise class listings.</p><p> SEE PAGE 16</p><p>newsNULC</p><p>newsNULC</p><p>Your FREE newspaper from Newcastle-under-Lyme College</p><p>Issue 6 Summer 2014 Tel: 01782 254254</p><p> pages 5-12</p><p>Check out thePart time CourseGuide inside andyou could win an</p><p>iPad mini!</p><p>Part-timeCourseGuideINSIDE!</p><p>Loans and support available to help with courses: </p><p>NEWCASTLE-under-LymeCollege is celebrating a top tenOfsted report.</p><p>The Ofsted report ratesNewcastle-under-Lyme Collegeas good in terms of overalleffectiveness, with inspectorsfinding many outstandingareas.</p><p>It places the College in thetop ten of colleges inspectedby Ofsted in 2013 and marksNULC as the only college inStaffordshire/Stoke to have anyoutstanding provision.</p><p>And NULC has been awardedWest Midlands College of theYear by the British CollegesSport (BCS) for the second timein three years.</p><p>In addition the College wasalso shortlisted for the NationalCollege of the Year Award,which was devised to highlightthe good practice in theFurther Education sector.</p><p>NEWCASTLE-under-Lyme College hasacquired Axia SolutionsLtd, an Ofsted Grade 1private trainingprovider based inStoke-on-Trent.</p><p>Axia specialises intraining programmesprincipally for theceramics industry sothe College will benefitfrom increasedexposure to employersin Stokes traditionalindustries.</p><p>This is the latest in astring of developmentsfor the innovativecollege which isbuilding a brand newperformance centre onits Knutton Lanecampus.</p><p>The College alsoplans to open GradbachMill Youth Hostel in thePeak District as anoutdoor educationcentre next year.</p><p>Takeover boosts training solutions on offer</p><p>NULC ranks topin the UK and inWest Midlands</p><p>LEARNING FOR LIFE: Warehouse Operative Albert Braywith Axia Solutions director Keith Marsh, Glazing</p><p>Operative Anna Matuszak, Steelite HR manager LouiseGriffin and Axia Solutions Director Karen Riley. Albert</p><p>and Anna have both trained with Axia Solutions.</p><p>AWIDE range of exciting courses for adultswill be starting at Newcastle-under-LymeCollege in September.And the College is offering an incentive to</p><p>encourage people to take the plunge, enrol on acourse and improve their skills. Jinny McDonald-Matthews, NULCs Marketing and PR Manager, said:Anyone who enrols onto a part-time course willautomatically be entered in our prize draw wherethey could win a brand new iPad mini.</p><p>The College has a wide variety of courses on offerfor local adults wanting to start a new hobby,retrain for a new career or improve theirprofessional skills.</p><p>For example for those wishing to get into, orprogress in, a sports career we have qualificationsfrom a CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructingright up to a Level 4 Certificate in Sports MassageTherapy and a new Foundation degree (FdA) inSport Coaching and Development offered at NULCin partnership with the University of Derby.</p><p>And with a new Performance Centre opening inKnutton Lane in autumn, NULC is offering three newcourses: a full-time Level 3 Extended Diploma inMusic Performance, A Level 3 Extended Diploma inProduction Arts (Technical Theatre) and a part-timeFoundation Degree in Dance and Theatre Arts.</p><p>We are also repeating many of our popular</p><p>creative courses that help students venture intoInterior Design, Creative Sketchbooks, SewingMachine skills, Photography, Fashion, Life Drawing,Glass or Ceramics.</p><p>The range of part-time and work-based coursesfor adults includes Accounting, Art and Design,Childcare, Computing, Health and Social Care,Teaching, Construction, Engineering and ElectricalInstallation, Management, Languages,Music, Sport, and Maths and English.</p><p> To view the full range of coursesavailable for adults turn to page 5 or visit</p><p>College unveilsexciting range ofNEW COURSES</p><p>NULC News p1 3/6/14 14:51 Page 1</p></li><li><p>NEWCASTLE-under-Lyme Collegechampioned dignity in care bysupporting Dignity Action Day. TheCollege hosted an afternoon Digni-tea event topromote positive aspects of quality in care.</p><p>The event was held in conjunction withStaffordshire County Council and Carematch,with Health and Social Care employers fromacross the county being invited to come alongand show their support for dignity in care.</p><p>Jane Tunnicliff, Business DevelopmentManager at the College, said:Holding theDigni-tea event was a key way for the College,as a centre of excellence, to promote dignity incare which is at the forefront of all our trainingwithin the College and the workplace.</p><p>Amanda Ashworth, Midlands Area Officer atSkills for Care, said:Skills for Care recognisesthat one of the prime routes to improvement,lies in the continued development of a qualityworkforce that truly understands what dignity</p><p>means and places it at the very heart of careservices.</p><p>The College offers a variety of bespoke trainingcourses for employers in the Health and SocialCare industry as well as industry recognised</p><p>qualifications for individuals who want to pursuea career in Health and Social Care includingDementia Awareness, Equality and Diversity andInfection Control as well as courses such asSupporting Individuals with Learning Difficulties.</p><p> To find out more about the range ofHealth and Social Care courses availableturn to page 10 or contact Jane Tunnicliff on 01782 254192 or</p><p>Lifelong Learning2 NULC NEWS</p><p></p><p>DONNA Cooke, aged 45, had been out ofwork and claiming benefits since 2007.</p><p>She was originally referred to the Collegeby the JobCentre and enrolled onto theSteps 2 Work programme which is designedto get unemployed adults back into work.Donna successfully completed her courseand got a job at Rowan Court care home inNewcastle-under-Lyme.</p><p>Donna has completed a Level 1qualification in Health and Social Care andis hoping to achieve a Level 2 qualificationon completion of her induction period.</p><p>Donna said:The Steps 2 Workprogramme has changed my life, it openedthe doors to employment and now that I amemployed I can afford to buy and run a car.</p><p>Donna continued: The biggest challengeI faced was getting a job in the health andsocial care sectorwithout experience.I started at RowanCourt on a placementwhich helped me gain someexperience and I wasextremely gratefulwhen I was offered apermanent positionthere.</p><p>When asked whatshe would say toother people in asimilar position whoare considering takingthe leap back into education, Donna said:Go for it! You can gain a lot and if it wasntfor Newcastle-under-Lyme College I wouldstill be unemployed.</p><p>Donna takes leapinto new job afterSteps 2 Work drive</p><p>Skills event promotescourses to advanceDIGNITY IN CARE</p><p>ASHLEY Barnish, aged 22, spent four yearsworking in a factory loading and unloadingvans with pallets of meat before enrollingon a university level course at NULC.</p><p>I was quiet and shy when I started butthe nature of the course helps you to takesteps out of your comfort zone and I wouldnow say Im a much more confident personwho can take things in my stride.</p><p>Ashley from Stoke-on-Trent studied the Foundation degree in Digital Media</p><p>Production and is now working for a digitalagency as an assistant to the film crew.</p><p>The course has opened up so many newdoors for me to explore. The biggestreward is my current situation, Im workingfull-time in a job I love!</p><p> To find out more aboutstudying a university-levelcourse at NULC</p><p>Degree level media courseputs Ashley in the frame</p><p>LOVING HIS JOB:Ashley Barnish lines up a shot as part</p><p>of his job as a film crew assistant.</p><p>NULC News p2 3/6/14 12:50 Page 1</p></li><li><p>DO YOU NEED HELPWITH ENGLISH OR MATHS?Are you struggling with:</p><p> Reading Spelling Writing Numbers</p><p>Is someone you know struggling?Then our Skills for Life coursescan help.</p><p>Dont wait!All our courses areFREE.</p><p>For further informationcall 01782 254214email</p><p>Adult advice and enrolmentNULC NEWS 3</p><p>Come along to our Adult Advice and Enrolment Event on Thursday 28 August, 2pm-8pm</p><p>LOCAL adults who want to study part-timeare being invited to attend an Advice andEnrolment Event at Newcastle-under-LymeCollege.</p><p>Prospective students are being advised to visitthe Colleges main campus at Knutton Lane onThursday 28 August from 2pm-8pm to talk toexpert careers staff and tutors about the optionsavailable.</p><p>Carol Thomas, Director of Curriculum andPerformance at the College, said: Each year,hundreds of adults study at NULC. Our campusoffers areas especially designed for adult students,such as our state-of-the-art learning facilities andbespoke University Centre.</p><p>She added:We can provide help and guidancefor anyone who wants to improve their job</p><p>prospects, renew or refresh their qualifications orretrain for a new career. Theres never been abetter time to enrol!</p><p>Part-time courses are available in areas such asaccounting, art and design, photography,hairdressing, computing, teaching, DIY, first aid,beauty and holistic therapies, construction, sportand fitness, electrical installation, languages,music, maths and English and management.</p><p>Adults already in employment can also considerdoing on-the-job NVQ training in subjectsincluding business, retail, health andsocial care, warehousing and manymore.</p><p> To pre-register for theenrolment and advice event</p><p>Enrolment event opens upHUGE OPPORTUNITIES </p><p>ADULTS looking to furthertheir education at NULCcould be entitled to anAdvanced Learning Loan tocover the cost of their course.</p><p>You only repay the loan ifyour earnings are over21,000 and if the loan is tocover the cost of an Access toHE Diploma and the learnerthen completes a HE course,the loan is completelywritten off.</p><p>The 24+ AdvancedLearning Loan is agovernment initiative to helpadults aged 24 or over toimprove their education andin turn their careerprospects. The loan coversthe cost of courses at Level 3or above.</p><p>The loan is easy to applyfor, household income is nottaken into account and thereis no credit check and themonthly repayments arebased on 9 per cent of anyincome over 21,000 soyoud replay 7 a month ifyou earned 22,000.</p><p>Level 3 or abovequalifications include Alevels, Access to HigherEducation (HE) Diplomas,other Diplomas andCertificates,Advanced/HigherApprenticeships and NVQs.</p><p>Loan canhelp withlearningcosts andboost jobprospects</p><p>Need advice? Meet the Colleges Information Point team</p><p>HERE TO HELP:Course Information Officers</p><p>Georgina Matthews, left, andLucy Matthews, in the</p><p>Information centre.</p><p>IF youre interested in starting a part-timecourse pop in to the Colleges Information Pointwhere our experienced staff are onhand to provide advice ontaking the next step intofurther or highereducation, new job</p><p>opportunities or career changes.Whether you just need support to decide</p><p>what to do first, or you need advice to overcomebarriers such as childcare issues, confidence orfinancial worries, our team are trained and</p><p>ready to help you identify and achieve yourgoals.</p><p> OPENING TIMES: Information Point OpeningTimes 8am-8pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-4.30pm Friday.Call 01782 254254 or email</p><p>Enrolment eventsat NULC offer lotsof informationabout what theCollege can offer.</p><p>NULC News p3 3/6/14 12:59 Page 1</p></li><li><p>Higher Education Courses4 NULC NEWS</p><p></p><p>IF youre aged 19 or over and want to study atuniversity level but do not have the necessaryqualifications to do so, we offer an Access toHigher Education (AtHE) Diploma.</p><p>The course is an ideal stepping stone and allowsstudents to prove they are ready to progress onto ahigher level course.There are three Access to HEDiploma Pathways available to choose from: Health for those interested in studying nursing,</p><p>midwifery and other health related careers. Social Sciences for those interested in law,</p><p>probation, social work, youth work, abuse studiesand social science degrees.</p><p> Education for those wanted to pursue literaturedegrees and teaching.</p><p>Course StructureThe course is structured so that all students willstudy core subjects, including Study Skills at Level3, which will teach the skills that are required tosuccessfully achieve the Access to HE Diploma aswell as future study at university level.</p><p>Students may also study either English, maths, orscience at GCSE equivalent level.</p><p>As students are only able to study one GCSElevel subject within the Access course, they mustcheck carefully what GCSEs are needed for theireventual higher education course.</p><p>Entry RequirementsThere are no formal entry requirements for Accessto HE but students need to demonstrate that theycan work well at Level 2 in literacy (GCSEstandard) and at least Level 1 in numeracy.There are three steps to entry: An introductory session where literacy and</p><p>numeracy levels are assessed. A Pre-Access course which prepares them for</p><p>the Diploma course. The Diploma course which starts in September</p><p>2014.</p><p>Available loansAnyone aged 24 or over applying for the Access toHigher Education Diploma will be able to applyfor a loan to help cover the cost of the course. Theloan is easy to apply for, household income is nottaken into account, there are no credit checks andyou pay nothing until your income is over 21,000per year.</p><p>And if you progress onto and complete a highereducation course, your loan will be written off.</p><p> Please apply online to attendan introductory session byvisiting</p><p>College supportsACCESS TO HE</p><p>CAROL Ashley worked in the leisureindustry for nearly 30 years beforelosing her job.I lost my last job throughill-health and then I lost my confidenceand all motivation.</p><p>I reached a point where I was unsureof what to do with my life. I felt that Ineeded more than just going back toprevious job roles so I attended somecommunity learning class and actuallyenjoyed learning.</p><p>Having enjoyed the communitylearning classes, Carol decided to takethe leap back into formal education andenrolled on the BSc Hons Psychologywith Foundation Year at NULC.</p><p>The Foundation year is a full-time</p><p>course that lasts one full academic year.I had concerns about returning to</p><p>education, mainly financial ones, but my family have been incrediblysupportive and this was an opportunitytoo good to pass up.</p><p>The Foundation year in Psychologytakes a modular format. The modules'aims are to give a foundation ofpsychological knowledge and also the ITand study skills that you will require tobe successful at degree level.</p><p>The biggest reward has been findingout that I can actually do this! Im notout of my depth and my grades aregood. Ive really enjoyed having apurpose in my life again. The feeling Iget from knowing Im achievingsomething I never thought I could, issecond to none.</p><p>It was quite daunting coming tocollege knowing that I would probablybe one of the oldest in the class and Ihad concerns about balancing my heal...</p></li></ul>