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Newspaper from Newcastle-under-Lyme College.


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    GET FIT FOR 2013:To celebrate Gordon Banks75th Birthday, the GordonBanks Sports Centre hasspecial offers to help youshape up in 2013. SEE PAGE 14


    A new pop-up gallery inNewcastle Town Centre sold thevery best handmade gifts fromstudents and artists connectedto the College in the run up toChristmas. SEE PAGE 11

    THE College is celebrating afterscooping a top nationalmarketing award.

    The College won the GoldAward in the MagazinePublication Category at theCollege Marketing Networks2012 FE First Awards for itscommunity newspaper andcourse guide, NULC News.

    Judges commended aprofessionally produced,eye-catching, well written andengaging publication.



    Your FREE newspaper from Newcastle-under-Lyme College

    Issue 3 January 2013 Tel: 01782 254254

    Check out our excitingrange of courses

    for adults startingfrom January



    MORE than 100 people have been helped backinto work under Newcastle-under-LymeColleges new commitment to helpingunemployed adults.

    The Colleges Steps 2 Work Programme, launched earlier in theyear, is urging anyone aged over 19 who is currentlyunemployed or is facing redundancy to get in touch to find outmore about the programme which offers short courses,vocational training and workshops to develop interview skillsand CVs.

    Turn to page 3 for more information and success stories.

    A limited number ofplaces are available at theCollege on full-timecourses starting inJanuary.

    The full-time EntryLevel and Level 1Vocational Studiescourses are aimed atyoung people aged 16 to18 who are not currentlyin education,employment or trainingand want to improve theirprospects.

    Karen Dobson,Principal and ChiefExecutive at NULC, said:College offers a verydifferent environment toschool; were here tosupport people inachieving their goalswhatever their startingpoint.

    On the Entry Levelcourse, students canchoose from thefollowing subjects: EarlyYears, Health and SocialCare, Construction, Hairand Beauty, Sport andLeisure, Public Servicesand ICT.

    Meanwhile thefollowing pathways areavailable on the Level 1course: Early Years, Healthand Social Care, PublicServices and Animal Care.

    The College currentlyoperates a number ofschemes where studentscan apply for financialsupport and also sells buspasses at a reduced cost,in a bid to make studyingat college moreaccessible.

    A number ofApprenticeship vacanciesare also on offer, meaningyoung people can studywhile earning money atthe same time.

    To find out more orcall the Information Pointon 01782 254254.

    Januarycoursesavailableto helpboost jobprospects

    QR codes like this one are printed throughoutNULC News.Scan the code with yourSmartphone to gostraight to the relevantwebpage.


    100 peoplehelped intoNEW JOBS

    Taking Steps 2 Work... Staff from the NULC Employment andTraining Centre. Left to right: Dawn Dehavilland, Alex

    Condliffe, Alison Slack, Heather Bell and Hayley Joynson.

    NULC is pioneering a new, hi-tech way oflooking at the news.

    Its called Augmented Reality (AR), and usesyour Android or Apple smartphone or tabletto open up a whole multimedia world.

    Just go to the App Store, search for our free

    app called NULC-AR, download it and youreready to go.

    Open the app and look at the picture below the one with the black frame through yourcamera, and youre in for a big surprise. Turnto page 4 for more AR magic!

    NULC Newswins top award

    FREE APP will open multimedia world

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    For more information about all our courses visit or call 01782 254254

    To find outmore or to apply

    for the course,

    or contact theInformation Point on

    01782 254254 or

    Im a more confident person, much happier inmyself knowing I have a

    purpose and that Ive changed my life.

    Leap back into education was one ofbest choices Tom ever made

    This course will help you move into a supervisoryrole or professional position as a quantity

    surveyor or architectural technician.

    Assessment is throughassignments and courseworkthroughout the year.

    Part-time study one day perweek in college over 2 years.

    For further information see the course guideon pages 7-10, or visit

    University-level courses at your local collegeHNC in Construction and the Built Environment

    Painter and decorator Tom Durber in action.

    FOR the first time studentswho are studying a degree-level course part-time canapply for a student loan tocover the cost of their tuitionfees.

    This means that, just likethose studying full-time,part-time students no longerneed to pay upfront for theirstudies.

    If you take a part-timedegree-level course at NULC,such as a Foundation degreeor HNC, you can apply for aloan of up to 6,750.

    Remember that a studentloan is very different to acommercial loan they donot go on credit files anddebt collectors will not chaseyou for it!

    You don't need to pay theloan back until you areearning at least 21,000.

    Repayments start in theApril four years after thestart of your course or theApril after you leave yourcourse whichever comesfirst, and is repaid throughthe income tax system.

    If you lose your job, take apay cut or career break onceyouve started repaying theloan, repayments stop ordrop accordingly noquestions asked.

    To qualify for a loan, youmust be studying at a courseintensity of at least 25 percent of the full-timeequivalent per year.

    If youre thinking ofapplying to start a course inSeptember, its a good ideato send off your forms assoon as possible to ensureyour loan arrives before thestart of term.

    How to applyYou can complete yourapplication by downloading a form from

    For more informationabout paying for your courseand financial support,

    Loans canhelp covertuition fees

    TOM Durber, aged 28, from Audley, joined theColleges Employment and Training Centre in Marchthis year on an employability course.The six-week course helped him develop hispersonal skills and look at training and careeroptions available to him.

    Tom decided to progress on to a Level 1 Diplomain Painting and Decorating.

    He said: Im a more confident person, muchhappier in myself knowing I have a purpose andthat Ive changed my life. I found balancing homelife and college life difficult at first, but I know it willbe worth it in the end, as I want to make a successof my life.

    My biggest challenge has been theory classes,Ive not been in a classroom environment sinceschool but the tutors have been very encouragingand introduced me to new technology andtechniques.

    Tom added:Ive really enjoyed learning new

    skills and being challenged, using my brain andhands instead of just sitting at home beingdepressed. Ive learnt to use computers and Ivemet new people which has helped my confidenceno end.

    Tom now has a message for any other adultsthinking about taking the leap back intoeducation. He said:100 per cent go for it! For yearsI sat at home depressed with my life anddisappointed in the choices Id made, waiting formy life to change.

    But it doesnt happen by itself, you have tochange it yourself and going back to college is oneof the best choices I have ever made.

    To find out more about the range ofpart-time Construction courses availableto adults visit or contactthe Information Point on 01782 254254or email

    Anew Higher Education course inConstruction aims to boost workersskills and help them further their careers.The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Construction

    and the Built Environment launches in January 2013 andthe College is inviting applications now.

    Jason Lancaster, NULCs Head of Construction, said:Thecourse is aimed at local adults who are already working inthe industry but are looking to enhance their skills anddevelop a successful career.

    The two-year course is offered part-time, with learnersstudying one afternoon/evening a week, allowing them tocontinue their employment whilst improving theirqualifications.

    The course will help learners to progress into asupervisory role or professional position such as quantitysurveyor or architectural technician.

    The course is assessed through assignments andcoursework throughout the year, meaning there are noformal examinations. It will be taught at the Colleges5million Skills and Technology Centre which is home totop class facilities and features industry standardequipment.

    Jason added:Were accepting applications for the newcourse now, so I would urge anyone in the constructionindustry that is eager to progress in their career to get intouch with us straight away to find out more about thecourse.

    NULC runs a successful Higher Education provisionoffering Foundation degrees and HNCs at its bespokeUniversity Centre including Sport, Music Technology,Contemporary Art Practice, Graphics and Digital Media,Public Services, Engineering, Health and Social Care, ICT and Psychology.

    New coursehelps buildCAREERS

    NULC News p2 14/12/12 12:08 Page 1

  • Our FREE Steps 2 Workprogramme can help.

    We can offer you: A two day personal development


    Access to Level 1 vocational trainingin areas such as care, warehousingand customer service.

    Membership to our work club. Support and guidance on CVs,

    interview techniques, job search and application forms.

    The support of a recruitmentspecialist.

    For more information contact the Employment and Training Centre on 01782 254124,email or visit

    Do you need help gettingback into employment?


    Saturday 26 January 10am-12noonCome along to the College Open Day

    LEARNING Support WorkerClaire Littlehales, aged 37, livesin Wolstanton with her 13-year-old daughter and iscurrently improving her mathsand English skills atNewcastle-under-Lyme College.

    She is employedfull-time as aLearning SupportWorker and hasbeen diagnosedwith dyslexia.

    Claire joined theLevel 2 Literacy andNumeracy course inSeptember. Shesaid:I didnt do very well inschool. I never got the help Ineeded and it was only in later

    life that I found out I haddyslexia.

    Overcoming my ownbarriers and attitude towardslearning, Ive adapted to new

    ideas and foundways to work withmy dyslexia ratherthan against it.

    In the past Ivelet my dyslexiadictate what Icould and couldntdo but the Collegehas been great byhelping me withsimple things likechanging the

    colour of the background onthe computers and providinghand-outs in a light blue colour

    which allows me to see thewords more clearly.

    Ive lots more confidenceand self-belief in my ownabilities; Ive even become theChair for our team meeting atwork, something I would haveshied away from beforecoming to the College.

    I would tell other adults togive college a go and not togive up. At the College youllfind great tutors and all thehelp and support you need.

    Anyone who would like todevelop their maths andEnglish skills on a part-timecourse should contact 01782254254 email,or visit

    Simple support makes big difference

    JOBS have been secured for morethan 100 unemployed local adultssince Newcastle-under-LymeCollege (NULC) launched a newinitiative in April.

    The Steps 2 Work programme helps people whoare out of work to develop their existing skills andgain additional vocational qualifications to helpthem back into employment.

    Tim Trickett, aged 53, from Knutton, joined theprogamme in May this year having facedredundancy. The former chef signed up to theSteps 2 Work programme where he improved hisMaths and English skills as well as gaining a Level 1vocational qualification in Warehousing andStorage.

    He passed, and has since secured employment atthe New Look Distribution Centre in

    Newcastle-under-Lyme.Tim said:The Steps 2 Work programme

    has been really enjoyable. I likedthe group of people I was withand the tutors were excellentat their jobs.

    The knowledge and skillsIve learnt have allowed

    me to secureemployment, whichis very hard to do atmy age.

    Alison Slack, Manager of the CollegesEmployment and Training Centre, said:We arecommitted to helping local adults and assistingwith the economic development of the county as awhole, and that means helping those seven percent of people in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshirewho are out of work.

    Steps 2 Work helps adults gain the skillsemployers are looking for, while supporting themwith CV workshops and interview training to givethem a better chance of securing a lasting job.

    Candidates are encouraged to undertake shortvocational training courses in areas linked to thelocal jobs market, such as Care,Warehousing, OfficeSkills and Administration,Welding, Customer Serviceand Construction.There is also a specially tailoredprogramme for lone parents returning to work.

    To be eligible for the free training and support onoffer, people must be aged 19 or over and claimingJob Seekers Allowance (JSA), Employment andSupport (ESA) or other work-related benefits.

    A particular success has been the work theCollege has done with retail giant New Look, whichhas a distribution centre at Lymedale Business Parkin Newcastle-under-Lyme.

    Since October the College has securedemployment at New Look for 79 local adults, and afurther 19 candidates have interviews lined up.

    Alison Slack said: Weve worked hard to buildrelationships with local employers enabling us toprovide excellent job opportunities to adults on theSteps 2 Work programme.

    To find out more about the Steps 2 Workprogramme, contact the NULCEmployment and TrainingCentre on 01782 254124, or visit

    The NULC Employment andTraining Centre on Knutton Lane.

    More adults takingSteps 2 Work

    Tim Trickett, 53,has found a jobafter enrollingon the CollegesSteps 2 Workprogramme.

    Does your business needhelp in the recruitmentand pre-employmenttraining of candidates?

    For more information call 01782 254124, email or visit

    Are you reducing the size of your workforce andneed support in providing a careers service toemployees in advance of redundancy?

    The Colleges specialist team at theEmployment and Training Centre can help.

    NULC News p3 14/12/12 10:12 Page 1



    e: t: 01782 254376 w:

    Theres never been a better time toemploy an apprentice, so dontmiss out. Get in touch today!

    > Accounting (AAT) > Business and Administration> Brickwork > Carpentry/Joinery> Children and Young Peoples Workforce> Creative Industries > Customer Service> Electrical Installation> Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical)> Hairdressing > Health and Social Care> Information Technology (IT)> Leadership and Management> Painting and Decorating > Retail> Sport (Fitness Industry/Coaching)> Warehousing


    Recruit an apprentice andyou may be eligible to receivea 1500 government grant*