new trends in libraries in usa and europe: personal experience from oclc fellowship program

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New trends in libraries in USA and Europe: personal experience of from Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program, 2010 class. Pesented at OCLC EMEA regional meeting which held in Beirut, Lebanon in May 2012.


  • 1.Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Program: Personal Experience Presented at: OCLC/EMEA regional meeting Beirut, Lebanon May 2012Mahmoud Khalifa

2. OCLC Fellowship Program OCLC with cooperation with IFLA offer this program for librarians in the developing countries Program period is 5 weeks. Fellows spend 4 week in US, and 1 week in Europe. 3. OCLC Fellowship Program The program started in 2001. Until 2012, 60 fellows from 33 countries participated in the program. 4. OCLC Fellowship Program In 2008, the first fellow from Arab countries was selected. Hanan Erhif, Morocco 5. OCLC Fellowship Program In 2010, I was honored to be the second fellow from Arab countries, and the first from Egypt. 6. OCLC Fellowship Program 2010 program included 3 main activities: 1. Sessions about OCLC services, American libraries community, and new technologies in libraries. 2. Attendance the first Global Council Meeting of OCLC members. 3. Visits to 17 libraries and organizations in US, Netherlands, and France. 7. Visits United States Ohio State University Illinois State University Westerville Public Library Columbus Public Library Chicago Public Library Coffman School Library 8. Visits United States OCLC Library Library of Congress American Library Association American Theological Libraries Association 9. Visits The Netherlands The Netherlands National Library Amsterdam Public Library Leiden University Library NDB Biblion Company IFLA 10. Visits France National Library of France Information Public Library 11. Libraries here and there Whats the different? 12. Philosophy Libraries in US and Europe has different philosophy in the concept of library services. Lake of budgets is common factor between libraries here and there. 13. Philosophy Working hours 12 hours is the minimum working hours. Some libraries do not have weekends. Libraries work in the official holidays. Some libraries work for 24 hours. 14. Philosophy Libraries are not a prison Foods and drinks allowed inside libraries. Games allowed to be used on libraries computers. Free use of internet web sites. 15. Philosophy The true meaning of public Libraries opened for all. Residences, visitors, and foreigners are allowed to use the public libraries. No library card need to use the library. Library card needed only in case of circulation. Libraries without walls. 16. Pre-axiomsAxiomsModern TechnologiesFuture TechnologiesTechnology in Libraries 17. Pre-axioms MARC 21 Information library systems Libraries web sites Online OPACs 18. Axioms Free use of internet Wireless internet Databases E-journals, and e-books. 19. Modern Technologies Self circulation and return. Transportation systems inside libraries. Video games and music studios. Equipments circulation. Digital reference service. Web 2.0 applications. 20. Modern Technologies Transportation systems inside libraries. 21. Modern Technologies Music studios 22. Modern Technologies Equipments circulation Laptops. Digital cameras. Video cameras. MP3 players iPods. 23. Modern Technologies Web 2.0 applications Libraries blogs. Content tagging in catalogs. Using online social networks. 24. User Technology NOT Library Technology Use the technology which user already uses, not what your library want to apply. Don W. Barlow Westerville Public Library 25. Future technologies Mobile libraries Searching OPAC Digital reference service Reservation 26. The treasure OCLC Library has one of the most important treasures in history of libraries: The 1st edition of DDC. The draft of the 2nd edition written by Dewey on a printed copy of the 1st edition. 27. OCLC work environmentOCLC is different !! 28. Benefits of OCLC program Promoting library community in your country. All fellows asked to prepare a presentation about library community in his own country, this presented in front of OCLC staff, and Jay Jordan. 29. Benefits of OCLC program Professional and scientific benefits o Get knowledge about recent technologies. o I got big support from OCLC to finish my PhD. About the digital reference service. 30. Benefits of OCLC program Building international relationships Free membership in IFLA and ALA. I was selected by IFLA to attend a workshop to graduate and accredited trainer at (BSLA) Building strong library association program. I was selected by IFLA to be a refree in the editorial board of International Cataloguing & Bibliographic Control Journal which published by IFLA.


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