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  • NEW STANDARDSupplementary MaterialsTeaching ListeningXcv

  • Review the stages of a listening lessonIntroduce some activities appropriate to different stages of a listening lessonIntroduce participants to New Standard Supplementary Listening Series for Junior Middle SchoolIntroduce participants to a range of FLTRP materials for Junior Middle School studentsAimsXcv

  • What are the main parts of a listening lesson?Set task to focus on more detailed understandingArouse interest and introduce topicDiscuss and feedback Teach new key words/phrasesEncourage a personal response from your studentsSet task to focus on overall understandingXcv

  • Xcv

    What are the main stages in a Listening lesson?

  • Learning Teaching p.174 (New Edition)The Feedback Circle Lead inXcv

  • Who are they?

    What kind of music do they play?

    Lead inXcv

  • Pre-listening task P17 BPre-listening taskXcv

  • While listening 1

    While listening 2 p 18 CWhile listeningWhat kind of conversation are the speakers having?What is the woman going to do?


  • Write a letter to a friend inviting him or her to a concert. Tell your friend about the different stars who will be at the concert.Post listeningXcv

  • Each module starts with pre-listening activities, including:Introducing key vocabularyAccessing knowledgePractice of functions and structures

    The materials practise a broad range of listening sub-skills including:- Listening for main ideas (gist)- Listening for specific information (detail)- Listening and note-taking- Listening and inferring attitude and opinionXcv

    New Standard English Supplementary Listening

  • Pre-listening tasks: arousing interest Access knowledge (Grade 2 Book 1 p.9 )Xcv

  • Pre-listening tasks: teaching key wordsIntroduce key vocabulary (Grade 3 Book 1 p. 25 )

    Describe pictures (Grade 3 Book 1 p. 1)Xcv

  • While-listening tasks: listening for main ideasMultiple Choice (Grade 2 Book 1p. 2)


  • While-listening tasks: listening for detailsNote taking (Grade 2 Book 1 p. 19 E )Identify attitudes (Grade 2 Book 1 p. 35 )


  • Includes all the requirements of the National Curriculum

    Follows good English language teaching practice

    Can be used in class or independently by learnersXcv

    New Standard English Supplementary Listening Series

  • All supplementary books have:

    Topics which match the textbookGraded exercisesPre-listening lead-in/warmersExam tasksXcv

    New Standard English Supplementary Listening Series

  • Read for funRead to learnRead for informationFocus on the training of reading skills, and promote other language skills at the same timeProvide a variety of exercise typesSupplementary ReadingXcv

  • Learning through assessing; learning while assessing

    Focus on the assessment of four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and develop the learners comprehensive language skills

    With module goals at the beginning, assessing items (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in the middle, module check and learning diary at the end, it provides a complete learning archives so as to help the learners develop self-study abilities.

    Provide various assessment approaches AssessmentXcv

  • We provide other supplementary books for different uses: tests, exercises; vocabulary and detailed explanation of the textbooks. Xcv

  • For more information, please visit the FLTRP website at


    Questions before = real world

    1- access knowledge2- predict contentQuestions before = real world

    1- to classify words into headings


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