new renault megane - renault south of adrenalin with its classy lines, uncompromising choices, the...

Download New Renault MEGANE - Renault South   of adrenalin With its classy lines, uncompromising choices, the All-New Renault Megane has a daring, expressive design and assertive styling

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    Renault Customer Care Direct Line: 0861 RENAULT or 0861 736 2858Renault South Africa (Pty) Ltd. reserves the right to modify its models without notice, likewise their characteristics, equipment and accessories.

    Experience the New Renault Megane at

    Renault MEGANENew

  • Shot of adrenalinWith its classy lines, uncompromising

    choices, the All-New Renault Megane has a

    daring, expressive design and assertive styling.

    Inspired and strengthened by a unique lighting

    signature, the All-New Renault Megane invites

    you to get behind the wheel and rediscover real

    sensations. Adrenalin guaranteed.

    Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.

  • The All-New Renault Megane is recognisable as

    soon as you look at it. Its daytime running lights

    with LED technology give it a sharp look.

    The rear lights, also LED and with 3D effect,

    highlight its unique personality, day and night.

    The 18" diamond-cut wheels* impose their style.

    Sporty, striking, feisty.

    * GT model


    Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.

  • Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.


    Inside, the key words are quality and harmony, with its

    generous cockpit and premium finishes. You choose and

    the All-New Megane adapts: Eco*, Comfort, Neutral,

    Sport**, Personal, the MULTI-SENSE system configures

    your vehicle to meet your current desires. It controls both

    technical configurations (engine response, gear changes,

    variation in steering wheel effort, engine sound, 4CONTROL**

    responsiveness) and on-board environment (tone of interior

    lighting, information displayed, colour of instruments).

    Is your mood sporty? Calm? Relaxed? Move from one driving

    experience to another. MULTI-SENSE, its a bit like having

    several Meganes in one!

    * Not available on the GT model

    ** Only available on the GT model

    The powerof choice

  • With the Renault Multimedia system at your

    fingertips, you can control multiple functions

    that make each of your journeys even more

    invigorating. The 8.7" portrait touchscreen is

    responsive, ergonomic and luminous, just as

    easy to use as your tablet.

    By touching it or using the fingertip controls,

    it is very easy for you to access your contacts,

    music content and the on-board navigation.

    You can also use Voice-intuitive voice recognition

    to safely call someone on your contacts list,

    dictate an address or display an application.

    A true control centre, it also allows you to manage

    the MULTI-SENSE system, the driving assistance

    systems and your preferences: you can create up

    to six different profiles.

    A digital dash display, climate control, cruise

    control, parking assist*, blind spot warning*,

    auto lights and wipers and steering wheel controls

    also keep the driver informed, comfortable and

    safe on every journey.

    * Optional on the GT-Line and GT models

    High Techexperience

    Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.

  • In Neutral Mode, The All-New Megane adapts to a more relaxing atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the air conditioning at its full capacity. The 4CONTROL system** is active and the engine response is standard.

    In Sport Mode**, you use all the features at their full capacityfor a sportier driving experience. The acceleration of thevehicle is quicker, the EDC gear-box ratios are reduced andthe 4CONTROL system** generates a sensational sportingresponsiveness for increased agility or stability. The steeringgets heavier for more precise control.

    In Eco Mode*, you can make use of the energy-saving ecomode which reduces the steering wheel effort, the engineresponse, the EDC calibration and the air conditioning capacity.

    In Perso Mode, you are free to choose the level of each feature to configure your vehicle to meet your current desires.

    In Comfort Mode, the steering effort is still low but the engine response is improved and the 4CONTROL system** is active. You can use the air conditioning at its full capacity and the engine sound is enhanced.

    Exclusively fitted with the MULTI-SENSE system, The All-New Renault Megane adapts the behaviour of your vehicle to your mood.

    Five modes for five unique driving experiences.

    Drive with peace of mind! The All-New Renault Megane is equipped with several driving assistance systems. Using intuitive and

    intelligent technologies, they support you on all your journeys, giving you day-to-day peace of mind.

    Explore the pleasure of MULTI-SENSE Increased safety

    Enjoy this immersive light experience, whether

    in blue, red, green, sepia or purple, with the

    customisable digital dashboard featuring

    the most relevant driving information.

    * Not available on GT model** Only available on GT model * Optional on GT-Line and GT models

    Easy Park Assist*Tight spots have never been so easy to handle as with Easy Park Assist. The system assesses the available space and defines the trajectory. Let it take control of the steering for hassle-free parking.

    Blind spot warning*This system detects the presence of vehicles in your blind spot. It automatically alerts the driver using a light signal located on the front left or right door mirror.

    Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.

  • Megane GT Dynamic environment, perfect driving position, 151kW Turbo engine, EDC Auto gearbox, 4CONTROL, the pleasure of driving the New Renault Megane GT is fully expressed. Boosted by 4CONTROL technology, thPowering the GT is a 1.6 Turbo Engine delivering 151kW and 280Nm driven through the

    new 7-Speed EDC automatic gearbox. 0-100kph is briskly completed in 7.1 seconds while

    still returning good consumption figures of just 6L/100km*.

    The GTs exterior design is distinguished by Full LED headlights, GT front and rear bumpers

    with twin exhaust rear diffuser, 18" diamond-cut alloy wheels and GT insignias all round.

    On-board you are greeted by the fully specced interior featuring: 8.7" Multimedia system

    with built-in navigation, MULTI-SENSE, Automatic Climate Control, Leather Alcantara

    upholstery with blue inserts to mention but a few...

    * Fuel consumption is certified using a standard, regulated method. It is identical for all manufacturers and allows vehicles to be compared. Fuel consumption in actual usage depends on the vehicles usage conditions and equipment and the drivers driving style.

    Thanks to 4CONTROL on the Renault Megane GT, you can

    negotiate the most difficult bends with full peace of mind.

    Road-holding is optimised, grip is incredible. At low speeds,

    the 4CONTROL system turns the rear wheels in the opposite

    direction to the front wheels. Above 60kph, the rear wheels

    turn in the same direction as the front wheels.

    Features and images may vary and be optional depending on model, and are subject to change without notice.

  • The New Megane is available in 3 petrol engine derivatives. Renault has capitalised on know-how forged in competition to further improve their engines. With lively responses, sharp acceleration, and flexibility at all speeds, the Formula 1 technology derived range of engines combine driving pleasure with great fuel economy.

    Powerful, high tech, economical

    151kW 1.6 TurboStrong sensations

    The most powerful engine offered, the 151kW

    1.6 Turbo, with the EDC 7-speed automatic

    gearbox provides sporty pick-ups and clean

    acceleration. With 280Nm, it gives strong

    sensations and allows you to use Launch

    Control (significantly faster standing start

    function) and Multi-Changedown (accelerated

    multi-downshift), two custom technologies

    developed by Renault Sport.

    97kW 1.2 TurboPerformance and comfort

    With 97kW at 5,500rpm and 205Nm from

    2,000rpm, the 97kW Turbo engine offers you

    the same performance as a 2 litre atmospheric

    engine! Its direct injection and integrated

    turbocharger give it exceptional flexibility and

    responsiveness. Its capacity to operate at high

    speed without running out of energy gives you

    comfort and driving pleasure that are second-to-

    none. It is very quiet, and can be distinguished by

    its soft-edged sound.

    EDC Dual-Clutch gearbox

    Full of technology, the EDC automatic gearbox

    with dual clutch transmission combines the

    comfort of an automatic gearbox with the

    responsiveness and fuel economy of a manual

    gearbox. With its 7 gears, it offers you flexibility,

    dynamism and reduced fuel consumption.

    What more could you ask for?

    Note: Printing limitations do not permit subtle paint shades to be shown with complete accuracy.









    * GT-Line and GT only** Dynamique onlyNM: Clearcoat Opaque; MP: Metallic Paint

    Features and images

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