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  • 1. New Orleans Sean Staley Caitlin Cody Eric Larkin Mariscia Thompson

2. Question Can New Orleans progress without destroying its cultural history and legacy? 3. ProgressFor the Rebuilding to be successful, the city must be sustainable. 4. Every city has a story 5. The New Orleans Story 6. New OrleansStory History 7. Who Controls The Story Now... Not The People of New Orleans 8. Media story 9. TheProblemThe negative image blocks re-growth 10. Our Trip.Focus onThe FutureEnergyCommunityA Movement 11. Strategy: Take Back The Story From the Media 12. How: Provide an outlet for people to tell,and hear, the positive side of the story of New Orleans 13. Whats the Real Story? New Orleans is... The City Of Opportunity 14. New Orleans Opportunities Open Career Paths Cultural DiversitySocial Scene 15. arget Audience Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals 16. TheYURP MindsetSocially Conscious Instant Gratification 17. Whats in it for them Education and Healthcare Large Corporations Tourism Industry Small Business 18. he CITY OF OPPORTUNITY 19. SOME SAY THAT HOW WOULDNEW ORLEANS YOUR LIFE LOOK he CITY OF STILL UNDER WATER?ear the real stories of nola. IF YOU WERE A iscover ou nola life.OPPORTUNITY NEW ORLEANIAN? NOLA STORYCONNECTOR NOLA LIFE GENERATOR HOME | NOLA LIFE GENERATOR | NOLA CONNECTOR | CONTACT US 20. NOLA LIFE HOW WOULD YOUR LIFE LOOK GENERATOR IF YOU WERE A he CITY OFiscover our nola life. NEW ORLINIAN?OPPORTUNITYWhere are you from? What is your trade? What social issue is most important to you? What is your hobby? Name 3 ingredients in your favorite food. Whats your idea of a great saturday night? What nationality would your dream spouse be? What company would you be the of CEO? HOME | NOLA LIFE GENERATOR | NOLA CONNECTOR | CONTACT US NEW ORLEANS 21. YOUR NOLAHOW WOULDLIFEYOUR LIFE LOOKIF YOU WERE A he CITY OF iscover our nola life.NEW ORLINIAN?OPPORTUNITYIF YOU WERE A NEW ORLEANIAN YOUD BEYour Job:A school Teacher At Langston Hughes Middle School in the Garden DisctrictIn New Orleans teachers are paid $5,000 more than the average school teachersalary. See some of John Alfreds comments on Education in New Orleans. Your Neighborhood:Living Uptown right off of Magazine Street, your life will be a mixture of classicsouthern charm and local art scene. Your Saturday night:From four star to dive bar, life in New Orleans is always interesting. If youre inthe mood to dress up, head to Commanders Palace for their famous turtle soup.If your mood doesnt call for a cocktail dress, music at the Maple Leaf can startany weekend off right. Places you volunteer:With your sparkling personality, youll fit right in at the Social Aid & Pleasureclub. Joining this upstart parade organization will give you a chance to make adowntown childs day while uniting diverse communities. HOME | NOLA LIFE GENERATOR | NOLA CONNECTOR | CONTACT US 22. Business Family Education Communityhe CITY OF OPPORTUNITY EntertainmentHealth HOME | NOLA LIFE GENERATOR | NOLA CONNECTOR | CONTACT US NEW ORLEANS 23. BuisnessFamily EDUCATIONCommunityhe CITY OFOPPORTUNITY Entertainment HealthMORE HOME | NOLA LIFE GENERATOR | NOLA CONNECTOR | CONTACT USNEW ORLEANS 24. he CITY OF OPPORTUNITY 0:39 / 1:45 25. Magazines BREAKING THE NEWS TO MOM Fill out the letter below to help* break the news to your loved ones about your move to New Orleans.Dear Mom,I have decided to take life by its horns and move down to New Orleans.Things are great here in _______________, but, I need to be part of something a lot bigger than(insert hometown)_______________. I know what youre thinking. And no, I will not be packing scuba gear. The city is not(Insert mundane activity you do) underwater. Actually I have more opportunities in New Orleans than_______________,who lives in a(insert person your mother wished you were)shoebox in New York.If youre still not convinced that Ill be okay, theres an _______________ website called(insert positive adjective that you overuse) that has the stories of a bunch of young people whovemoved down to New Orleans already.Sincerely,_______________(sign your name, preferably the one grandma calls you) 26. InternetVideo 27. THe new orleansth balls.r entrepreneurs wi breeding ground foin May 2005. yMusic opened EastwaIm 26 and I w w w . t h e c i t y o f o p p o r t u n i t y. o r g THe new orleans 28. for pub elamerican modS ORLEAN NEW I wouldnt have the opportunit y to 29. The Big Easy is accepting applications. w w w.theoppor tunit ycit 30. DISASTER+OPPORTUNITY 31. % OF THE NOLA AREA HAS RETURNED HOME 32. WELCOME TO THE CITY OF OPPORTUNITY 33. Why this campaign works ... Sustainability Culture Action


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