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  • 1. Vision Boards November 22, 2013 Covenant House New Orleans Hosted by: City Church New Orleans

2. What is Covenant House? Covenant House is a shelter for homeless and at-risk youth between the ages of 16-22 The Crisis Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Help begins with a hot meal, clean clothes, a shower, a bed and medical care. Only after these immediate needs are met does the Covenant House staff begin to address the more complex problems of these youth in crisis. CHNO offers more than just a roof over their head; they also provide medical and behavioral health services, educational support, job support, life skills classes, daycare, case management, etc 3. How did we help? City Church decided to help the kids make vision boards We brought in old magazines and papers, glue, an poster board to help the kids at CHNO visualize what they want for their future We were able to help the kids at Covenant House talk openly about their immediate plans and goals, and how they were going to be successful I accomplishing these By starting the conversation about the future, the kids became more and more excited about how they could turn their life around The kids who participated now how a visualization that they can look at every day to remember why theyre doing what theyre doing 4. Ongoing plans at Covenant House City Church has already established a great relationship with Covenant House We plan on continuing to do events with the kids there; we have already participated in two movie nights and are catering a holiday meal for them this Thanksgiving We are so excited about the opportunities we have with the kids here at Covenant House Many of our members have made real connections with them, so we look forward to all we can do to help CHNO in the future 5. How will Covenant House benefit from the Super Service Challenge? By winning the Super Service Challenge, Covenant House will continue to serve homeless and at-risk youth from New Orleans and all over the country Not only will they continue to practice open intake (CHNO vows never to turn anyone away), but they wont have to worry about how to keep their doors open for everyone who walks through them A grant from the Super Service Challenge will ensure Covenant House will never turn a lost soul away