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  • 1. Thanksgiving Festivities at Covenant House Hosted by New Orleans Church of Christ November 28, 2013

2. What is Covenant House? Covenant House is a shelter for homeless and at-risk youth ages 16-22 and their children. Covenant House provides not only the immediate needs of survivalfood, shelter, and clothingbut they also provide tools to help these youth become independent members of society. When a youth walks through the doors of Covenant House, they are met with love and acceptance. Then they are provided with medical and behavioral health services, job support, education support, life skills classes, and daycare for their young ones. Each youth is assigned a case manager who tracks their progress and ensures success. Covenant House is much more than a shelterits a place where lost souls can come and find themselves. 3. How did we help? A group of about 10 people from the New Orleans Church of Christ came to Covenant House on Thanksgiving to help make the day special for the youth. We brought snacks and refreshments, watched football, played basketball, and socialized. We wanted to ensure the youth here at Covenant House did not feel lonely on such a special dayby providing entertainment and games on Thanksgiving, we were able to make real connections with the youth here, as well as make a day that could potentially be tough be exciting and fun! 4. Ongoing plans at Covenant House New Orleans Church of Christ has already scheduled a game night in December to continue our work here at Covenant House We wish to lighten the spirit of the holidays by providing fun activities for the youth to be involved in We are looking forward to many more activities in the future! 5. How will Covenant House Benefit from the Challenge? If Covenant House were to win the Super Service Challenge, they could continue to perform the grace of God by never turning anyone away. A grant from the Brees Dream Super Service Challenge would ensure that Covenant House would not worry about keeping their doors open to whoever walks through them. Covenant House is committed to never turning down someone seeking food, shelter, and clothing, and they rely on donations and grants to keep their doors openI speak from experience when I say Covenant House lives its mission and fully deserves this award! 6. SNACKS AND REFRESHMENTS IN THE KITCHEN WITH MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION 7. RESIDENTS AND CHURCH MEMBERS HAVING FUN WITH BALLOON ANIMALS! 8. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS COLD, WE STILL HAD FUN OUTSIDE PLAYING BASKETBALL 9. ACTION SHOT WITH CHURCH MEMBERS AND RESIDENTS 10. MORE ACTION ON THE BASKETBALL COURT! 11. Thanks to Covenant House for offering such amazing services to youth in need! We are looking forward to our next event!