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1. Covenant House New Orleans Thanksgiving Football Party New Orleans Church of Christ 2. Community Outreach Carry one anothers burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. " Galatians 6:2 By taking our time on Thanksgiving to spend time with the members of Covenant House New Orleans, we shared their burden of unstable or absent family life. We brought value to their lives as they brought value to the true meaning of Thanksgiving holiday: to be grateful for what we have. 3. Future Work and Relationships Covenant House provides a wide range of services for city youth including crisis management, counseling, and help finding jobs and housing. With additional funds, Covenant House would provide more one-on-one support through trained faculty and more structured volunteer opportunities. New Orleans Church of Christ will be returning to the Covenant House in December for a game night, and plans to schedule regular monthly activities to build positive relationships with the members.