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Dear, Viridiana Barragan

Well how you doing? Is to bad you couldnt come with us new Orleans is great, so fun crazy and exiting. I love it here. I'm going to tell you some things I been doing here.

The music/ bourbon street Over here jazz is really famous, they have a lot of night clubs n id really wild but the most type of music that you hear is jazz big part of new Orleans. Even though I really dont like it is getting okay now. And bourbon street oh thats the best you find a lot of stores and everything. Thats where Mardi grass takes place.

Mardi Grass Mardi grass is a big (party) they have every year. Is big more than millions of people go is a day before let Wednesday. And they got lots of beats costumes. They take the whole year planning and as soon as the ones is over they start planning next years

Food.Well and the food over here is great. New Orleans is really famous for their sea food. There food is really spicy and colorful probably the beast youll ever taste is really good I should bring you another time and Im going to show you thats going to be like the thing that you going to miss more

Voodoo New Orleans is great and all but is kind of scaring me they got a lot of voodoo here. Really big part of their culture.. You find shops and everything that has to do with magic and voodoo here. They even got a queen of voodoo. I went to go see her tomb in the commentary people really like her. Oh by the way commentaries are really weird here they dont buried the tombs under ground. Is really scary