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New OrleansLouisiana

TriviaWhich game was invented in New Orleans?TriviaPoker

TriviaWhich river does New Orleans overlook?

TriviaThe Mississippi RiverTriviaWhich annual festival is New Orleans famous for?TriviaMardi Gras

ArchitectureNew Orleans is famous for its architectureThe city has almost every art styleHuge French and Spanish influenceArchitectureThe city center of New Orleans is called the French Quarter The original architecture in New Orleans was built by the French in the early 1700s

Great new orleans fire There was a huge city-wide fire in 1788 (and again in 1794) that destroyed most of the French architecture

It destroyed 856 out of 1,100 structuresarchitectureAt the time of the fire, the Spanish ruled over New OrleansThe Spanish rebuilt the city with Spanish architectureToday, most of the French Quarter is actually Spanish architecture (most people dont know)

FoodLouisiana Creole people: descendants of the 18th-century colonial settlers of Louisiana (French, Spanish, and African descent)Gumbo


Shrimp creole

King cake

hurricane KatrinaLargest hurricane to ever happen in the USAAlmost 2,000 people died

80% of New Orleans was under water

Jazz music