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<p> 1. Naturalretreat {writer heather shoning photographer jay wilde designer jeni wright} Taking a small, outdated bath from blah to beautiful required careful planning and creative use of space. A designer employed both strategies to make this hall bath look pretty and live large. Then she added special touches to give it a soft, organic feel. The baths color palettestarted with a colorful in this makeover clever storage niches ...window treatment. Theroom boasts an organicfeeling with a bit of a spa- 92 kitchen+ bath makeovers summer 2009like sensibility. furniture-style vanity ... pretty border tile ... invisible towel racks Kitchen &amp; Bath MaKeovers suMMer 2009 93 2. this photo Inkeeping with her subtlecolor scheme, designerJeni Wright chose a naturalshade for the tub insteadof white, which would likelyhave dominated the spaceand defied thecolor palette.The plan sprouted from fabric that designer Jenibudget tip: Wright chose for the window shade. Using its color use inexpensive palette as inspiration, she picked the sage wall color porcelain field tile as and earthy tile colors. To make the room feel larger,the primary material she chose inexpensive field tile for the floor andand accent with pretty installed it on a diagonal. Matching grout minimized glass tile. joint lines, making the floor look like a single expanse of color. Next, she dressed the floor and tub surround with a more expensive glass border tile.Coordinating iridescent tile in the shower shines in the natural light of the room. The original archway into the shower was cute, but taking it out opened up the entire space, Wright says. Today a custom glass Material Magic A small swath of fabric covering a window is shower enclosure makes the room feel open and airy. sometimes the only soft element in a bath, making It allows natural light from the windows into theit an important focal point and the driver of the rooms design. Here are some tips on how to outfit shower, she says. your bath using fabric as inspiration.In a small bath, carving out creative storage space is paramount. To do so, Wright built niches between Chooseawallcolorfromoneoftheaccent the sink walls joists, then added chunky woodencolors inthefabric. bases that extend the niches. SelectaccentcolorsinthesametonalBetween the storage niches, Wright replaced the rangenottoolightortoodark. original wall-mount sink with a sink cabinet for before utilitarian storage. In a small space, its important Usethefabrics background color to have great storage to keep clutter out of sight, shetodeterminetrimcolor.Ifitsnotpurewhite, says. Above the sink, Wright opted for a flat mirroravoidusingpurewhitefortrim. instead of a recessed medicine cabinet because there Coordinatethefabricwithaccenttile.Its are electric and plumbing lines in the wall. textureaddsanotherdiMensiontothecolorOther details also give the space a custom feel. A scheme. brushed-nickel sink and fixtures are the jewelry for the room. Invisible towel holders take the place of bulky shelving. Acrylic flowers floating on the wall above left Flowers raining down on the tub extend the mimic the pattern in the window-shade fabric. The fabric design into the rest of the room. above Using a glass fabric is important because its the only soft element half-wall lets natural light into the shower, making the roomfeel large and airy. The iridescent herringbone tile inset in this room, Wright says. Everything, right downadds a custom look.after to the flowers on the wall, had to be an extension of the fabric to achieve the cohesive, beautiful design.94 kitchen+ bath makeovers summer 2009Kitchen &amp; Bath MaKeovers suMMer 2009 95 3. designer tip: built-in niches createvaluable storage on this photo Creative use of space and mixing hard-edge and fluid shapes makes the functional{about this makeover} t design look beautiful. otherwise unused walls. A round mirror breaks upthe budget the square elements. CABINETRY n Vanity710 plumBINg n Sink 136 n Sinkfaucet 463 n Showerfixture 250 n Toilet 315 n Tub 473 n Tubfaucet 508 SuRFACES n Accenttile,fieldtile 2,000 n Countertop 458 n Showerglass1,169 1 mISCEllANEOuS n Fabric n Lightfixtures 15568the details n Paint1. Designer Jeni Wright decided on the baths color 47 scheme by picking out the fabric for the window n Toilettissueholder 78treatment first. 2. The thick wooden bases on the n Towelholdersstorage niches add a modern touch. 3. Strech your tile 38 n Wallflowersbudget by using a border made of decorative tile to 37perk up inexpensive field tile.TOTAl $6,931ResouRces begin on page 1082 before 3kitchen+ bath makeovers summer 2009 97 </p>