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1. One Day Retreat 8 Hours $299 RP 2,990,000 Take a one day retreat at Aroma Spa Retreat our uniqueHoliday within a holiday this is an experience it is allabout you and your wellbeing. Aroma spa Retreat gives you treatment options that willwork together to renew and rejuvenate you, this is notjust a pleasant treatment day it is a day designed toimprove your wellbeing and reconnect your body andmind. Invest in you, you deserve it, 8 hours of relaxationpampering body quenching treatments and food andbeverage to review from within. A day to remember andto change the way you feel. 2. Aroma Easy Stretch and Mantra Shiatsu Foot Ritual with essential oil purification, cool towel and Indonesian healing Jamu Massage of your choice: Firm Detox Massage, Aroma Essence Massage or TraditionalBalinese Massage Full body Ayurevedic Body Brushing Then Choose Either Green Tea and White Clay Banana Leaf Body Wrap with Mini Facial,OR Fresh Coconut, Australian Essential Oil and Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Body Scrub Relaxing flower bath or milk and honey bath LUNCH: Chose a meal from our Spa Menu Then Choose Either Nurture Facial,OR 1.5 Hour Reflexology Hand and Foot Combination Fresh young coconut, lime and ice break Manicure and Pedicure Finish with a traditional Indonesian Hair Ritual, Wash and Blow Dry The best holiday investment you can make 8 Hours $299 RP 2,990,000 3. RECEPTION HOSPITALITY 4.