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<ul><li> 1. The greater danger for most of uslies not in setting our aim too highand falling short; but in setting ouraim too low, and achieving ourmark.Michelangelo</li></ul> <p> 2. Visionary leaders are the builders of a newdawn, working with imagination, insight,and boldness. They present a challengethat calls forth the best in people andbrings them together around a sharedsense of purpose. They work with thepower of intentionality and alignment witha higher purpose. Their eyes are on thehorizon, not just on the near at hand. Theyare social innovators and change agents,seeing the big picture and thinkingstrategically. 3. *Always operate as TEAMDEER PARK*Build Trust*Communicate frequently andhonestly*Maintain focus*Use our data purposely andwisely*Build Leadership Capacity*Reduce and/or eliminatesome of our distractors*Engage the community 4. The teacher evaluation will be composed of 50% qualitative and50% quantitative data. The qualitative measures will be derivedfrom the Charlotte Danielsons Framework for Teaching andLearning. The quantitative measures will be based on SLOs Student Learning Outcomes. The School Progress Index is part ofthe quantitative measures. 5. Baltimore County Public Schools Student HandbookThere were minor changes to the current handbook. Interventions toconsider before suspending a student are listed in the three categories.This summer assistant principals will be trained on new procedures tohelp reduce suspensions.. There is a small change in the wording of thecell phone policy. The handbook will be revised next year. 6. The proposal begins by incorporating theopportunity under Option A in the FederalFlexibility Guidance to reset AnnualMeasurable Objectives (AMOs) for the comingsix years on a trajectory toward 2017, the timeby which each individual school is expected toreduce its percent of non-proficient studentsfor each of its subgroups and overall by half. 7. School AMathSpecial Education 76.47 8. First, determine the percent of students earning abasic scoreNext, the goal is to cut the percent basic in halfThen, divide by six (2017 is six years from now)Finally, add 1.96 to each subsequent year 9. 100 -76.47= 23.5323.53 / 2= 11.76511.765 / 6=1.9676.47+ 1.96 =2012 AMO of 78.4</p>