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National Youth Leadership Forum: Careers in National Security

National Youth Leadership Forum: Careers in National Security- Diplomacy, Intelligence, and defenseMy ExperiencesMain Focus of the ProgramSimulate the steps to take and what to consider when faced with a national dilemmaMake scholars aware of the real world impact of cocaine in the United States and abroadCreate leadership abilities through teamwork and compromiseLearn roles of those that affect the decisions made during such a crisisHow it workedThere were 150+ people present, and were split into groups of 20 to 30 peopleThese groups were: Patton, Bunche (my group), Hopper, Franklin, and WashingtonEach group had a Faculty Advisor (FA for short) which led their groups in discussion, reflection and made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at all times.Students in their groups had at least 2 NSAMs (National Security Action Meeting) daily, led by their FAIn the NSAMs, students explored and prepared for their MIDDLE roles, which stands for: Media, Intelligence, Diplomacy, Defense, Legislative, and ExecutiveThree meals were provided every day

My role during the simulationMy role in the simulation was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffI gave the order whether or not to deploy troops, and how many I could spare

My experiencesI was chosen to present Lieutenant General James Campbell, US Army Retired on his speech about his insiders perspective on intelligenceI closed on Dr. Bruce MacKays discussion of the defense role in Latin Americas drug problemI went to Quantico Marine Corps base and museum, where I learned the history of the Marine Corps, and I also utilized their VCCTs(Virtual Convoy Combat Trainer), a 2.3 million dollar realistic program consisting of 5 team members-all armed-, projectors, Infrared weapons and interactivity, and a overlord that controlled the battle environment and how the enemies conducted themselves. My role in the convoy was main gunner, firing a M240, CO2 assisted for recoil and spray realism. Everyone else in my HMMWV had M4s, also CO2 assisted for recoil and spray. There were 4 cars in our convoy, each car and team in a different bay but linked by realtime, and each passenger in a car operated the radio to communicate with other teams. The Marine Corps has a total of 8 VCCT bays, all of which are at Quantico, while the army only has 2.

VCCT Examples

More of my experiencesVisited World War II memorial, Korean War memorial, Vietnam War memorial, Air Force memorial, and the Lincoln memorialAte lunch in Historic Dupont CircleLearned about the future of Nuclear War and its downsides, and the Wounded Warrior programParticipated in Crisis or Crossroads: Latin America and the Drug Superhighway, where my group had to make tough decisions, cooperate with other countries, and make a policy with how to deal with the crisis.Visited Arlington National Cemetery, where 4 scholars placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown SoldierAte lunch and explored museumsAte dinner in Old Town AlexandriaReflectionsThis is a once in a life-time opportunity, which gave me a new insight into what our men and women in the military have to do, how those above those soldiers dictate what they do and how their decisions can affect so many, and the steps needed to make all of that happen

The information gained through this one week, will last me more than that one week, and will also help me obtain a better job in the US Army\

I hope to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum: Careers in Engineering and Technology, next year if I am recommended, due to the fact that almost 80% of all job in the next decade will require some kind of technological knowledge or degreePictures!

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