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Webinar Prep, Guide to Six figure incomes. For New People to Protect them from Scams. For Older people looking for retirement options. People with kids People looking for a way to pay bills More income Trust Factor Use my Experience to Help them. Link for them to go to>> Offer them A $1200 bonus free at the end


  • 1. Figure + Step by Step Guide for Your Success My 6 AND: How I Made the Greatest Oversight of My Career! By Dave Shirley D$
  • 2. S Story HELLO FRIENDS, I WANT TO TELL YOU ONE TRUTH. YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!... Ive never shared my story this openly before. Its the story of how I almost lost EVERYTHING. D$
  • 3. B This Story Is For People Who Want Success Now Let Me Help You Effectively Bypass 15 Years Of Trial And Error And Virtually Walk Into A Proven 6 Figure Or More Business Today Dear Friend, Do You want success? Do you want to take years off your learning curve? On average people work a minimum of 3-5 years online before they have any success! Some never do find that success But, if you would like to launch yourself to Center Stage and be known as one of the Internets most Influential Gurus FAST then read on I promise, this will be the most exciting message that you will ever read. D$
  • 4. D Dream I had a dream of independence, of making money for my family that I controlled. Many years ago, through a number of circumstances, I turned to Network Marketing. If we get the chance to talk in person one day, Ill share some of THOSE stories with you. What a wild ride. But in the end, it wasnt the best model for me. However, I still had the itch, to make money and to give others hope that they could too. So I decided that the only way to build a sustainable home business was to turn to the Internet. My dream of this better lifestyle took on a completely new look and a new mission to start Internet Marketing. My plan was simple, I just went to Google and typed in Make Money D$
  • 5. N No Clarity So I went to Google and after just a few searches I came up with 10-15 things that would help me take my message of hope to hundreds of thousands of people a day It was plan almost too good to be true I tried a lot of different systems for lead generation, how to build a business online, and other business ventures including post cards, Amazon E-Books, and Affiliate Marketing. I even published my own E-book on Amazonand became a published author! I thought thats got to sell! However, seems my reality continued to follow me and over the course of the next 3-4 years I had done a LOT of things that just didnt work. But eventually I figured out what I was missing! I had no PLAN I had no FOCUS I had no CLARITY D$
  • 6. N No Plan, Focus, or Clarity Ill get to how I learned what I was missing shortly. But in the meantime, I had invested all I could borrow and had ran up a debt of about 200K Internet Marketing turned out to be hard! Full of systems that dont work and people that dont tell the truth.. That caused me to jump from opportunity to opportunity I guess you could say that I had become the worlds #1 expert on what didnt work! But at least, I was an expert at something! I totally got sucked in by the hype out there for online marketers And that 200kIt had to be paid back and I simply had no cluewhat I was doing or what I was going to do! D$ I was truly at my lowest of lows!
  • 7. D.I.V.O. R.C.E You wont stop And now looks like you have taken our future as well. D I can remember it vividly out of all the struggles I had experienced in trying to make a home business work this was the darkest time of my life I had not only failed at success I had failed my family! It could not get any worse or could it? My wife was frantic! She had completely lost all confidence in me, and my vision of being a superstar on the Internet To her this was serious and her attitude charged with fire! That was the day that she said Either stop or I want a divorce, because you have lost all grip with reality youre crazy! Not only have you spent our money D$
  • 8. E Email I was angry at her for killing my dream But she did not do it it was my fault! I had to Man up and take responsibility not only for the past but for the future as well and if she was going to be a part of that I needed help! Professional help! And my time was short! All that changed when an email came in from a friend in Canada a few nights later. That Email Changed My Life!! I was up working latetrying to make sense of all the online madness thinking something something has to work Other people do it why not me? Why is this not working? I had no clue until a got that email from a friend a 7-figure earning friend! I Had Hope Again D$ No Divorce !
  • 9. O Opportunity My 7-Figure earning friend told me about a opportunity to work directly with some top earners in online marketing. He said Dave these guys dont mess around. However, it was not a click and sign-up business I would have to fill out an application, go through a review process! Provide references And even sign a non-disclosure agreement all before I could join this elite team Thats if, my application gets accepted! A Big if I remember his words to me, they are somehow etched in stone in my mind Dave you have done everything I think this is your only chance to make D$ money online and save your family
  • 10. W WARNING ! He also gave me a very stern warning This is only for people that are 100% Serious! These are the big guys He said Dave, do you have any idea what it will mean to work with 7-figure earners? To use their business plan? Its the closest thing to guaranteed success that you will ever find! But, its up to you to get past the application process and it takes my personal recommendation to get you into the program! Now I am thinking oh shit this is serious and time to man up! D$
  • 11. R Recommendation It took a lot of work to convince him to back me with his recommendation Believe me it was not easy. I worked several days just to get his approval and the link to the application. But I believed no I knew this has to make it or its all over! I will lose everything! I managed to get his approval and submitted my application. I was so nervous I mean my life was hanging in the balance of an application! How many of those have I filled out and never even got a call back? I was terrified! Scared to talk to them and terrified of the results if I didnt! I had no choiceI must convince these top earners that I am worthy of their program!! I must get into their business and the success mastermind. D$
  • 12. R Results And then the results came in You have a Interview! That was the second part of the interview process and my friend told me that if you get past that then youre in But they only give you ONE chance! One! They wont offer it to you again! I took this more serious that anything I had ever done in my life I used all my focus, my energy on this application and approval process And based on my success you must have already concluded I got approved! Thats where I learned the truth the truth that only the top 2% that have success know the secret to success is The Power of the Mastermind D$
  • 13. M Money I dug into the mastermind and learned more in 1 month than in 5 years on my own!! I started applying everything I learned from these top earners. And I am telling you NOW, I felt like the weight of the World was instantly lifted off my shoulders and I cant even explain how I felt when the commissions started rolling in You just received a $1,750 Commission I said what!!! Then another You just received a $1,750 Commission I said what!!! And another You just received a $1,750 Commission I said what!!! But before I give you access There are some other things you must consider! D$
  • 14. Now remember I told you earlier what I was missing that completely changed my business? It was about getting focus and clarity? This is why T Truth Here is the truth! I woke up one morning and BOOM! It Just hit me I realized that this year We had the distinct possibility of seeing a Million Dollar Year! But it did not happen overnight! And there were times I thought a