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  • 1. How to Find a Six Figure Mentor by Robert Murray

2. Finding someone online that you can trust is like walking through a field full of land mines,it is very hard to know where your time and money are best spent. 3. I myself lost lots of money at the beginning buying poor products and false promises until I found my mentor, I spent 6 months doing my due diligence on this guy and eventually took the plunge. 4. It was the best decision and money I have ever made in my quest for the holy grail of earning money online, the gentleman in question has helped me now for the last 2 years to become very successful. 5. My mentor has now stopped mentoring people directly and has been in the process of building an amazing training site over the last 6 months called the Six Figure Mentors. 6. There is a real buzz going on at the moment on the internet about The Six Figure Mentors (created by Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner). This UK based company is creating a training platform and community. 7. The package delivers everything that it has promised and the Six Figure Mentors community that I became a member of too add's to the already sweet deal, we have weekly webinar training from all the top earners. 8. I have been a member now for several months and worked with several of the other top earners from the UK and have come to the conclusion that the business is going to be huge for the beginner or the expert alike. 9. I started off as a complete novice 2 years ago on the internet with a very limited knowledge and have now progressed to be able to build websites, design blogs,automate e-mails, set up adword campaigns, use social networks efficiently etc 10. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the group leadership and the training given by Stuart Ross and now the SFM, we are off to Daventry next week for our first SFM golf day. 11. All I can say is that there are many opportunities on the internet and many scams and it is hard to see the wood through the trees, I myself in previous years had fallen for many of them and flushed money down the drain. 12. The Six Figure Mentors is going to give so much value it is unreal, I hope you do realise that it isn't all about the money once the money starts coming in,but it is more about the connection with people and being able to help them achieve their goals aspirations and dreams too! 13. Even though I now earn thousands of pounds every month, it is the lifestyle and freedom that really makes the biggest difference. The more you can give online the more you will receive. 14. The community is such an amazing tool to never be on your own whilst trying to build your online business, a complete newbie can be up and running within a week and have professionally created capture pages, e-mail responders and wordpress blog within a few clicks, all branded and ready to earn money. 15. This will be a one stop place where you will no longer need to go hunting the net for any new traffic generation tools or shiny black hat or underground techniques, Stuart and Daniel will be providing us all the new ways and the long standing one's that always have. 16. Joining The Six Figure Mentors would be of benefit to anybody who is looking to significantly improve their online skills and traffic generation. It would therefore appeal to internet marketing newbies, people who have an MLM or network marketing business or those who are already online but whose business has not produced the results they want.The training and community of The Six Figure Mentors System will absolutely take your business to the next level.


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