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  • How to Find a Real Estate Investing Mentor Strategic Real Estate Coach

    Heres what you need to know about working with a real estate investing mentor.

    Why would you want to seek out a real estate investing mentor? Because whether you are just starting out, changing careers, or just need to talk to someone with experience in a given field finding a mentor may be something you should consider. If you think that mentor organizations are only available for the young, think again. Mentorship is available to adults. You can look up local organizations online that can connect you with someone who is waiting to guide you.

    Another option is to search out a mentor on your own. This can be as easy as looking in your backyard. Well, not literally, you wont find mentors hanging out on your patio. You will find potential mentors at community events, chamber of commerce meetings, other local networking opportunities, or in the yellow pages. Professionals advertise, online and in the old school way of the yellow pages. The ad often will list their years of experience and community work.

  • If there is someone in your local community who you admire and is established in the career you are now entering give them a call, introduce yourself and invite them to lunch. Tell them you would appreciate the opportunity to talk to them about their path to success. Just like you this now successful professional was once at the start of their career. They remember what it was like at the start and the majority of them will be pleased to assist you.

    When you meet have your questions prepared. Ask them about their story of how they started. If your time together is limited to one lunch meeting or turns into a mentor-mentee relationship you will benefit in so many ways. A mentor will answer questions, guide, teach, and be a valuable connection in your new career.

    Soon the day will come when you will get a phone call with someone asking if you have some time for lunch because they are new to this profession and would love to talk to you. They say that in teaching, the teacher always learns more than the student so we hope youll take the opportunity to help another investor get started.

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