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  • 1. Music Videos
    By Tara Peak

2. Introduction
To look at the representationand the reference to voyeurism. For example, the treatment of women and/or the way that they are looked at- such as through a window or through screens within the music video.
The references to films and/or TV texts. (we call this intertextual).
Star image and the way they might develop their one star iconography that links each music video. This may happen over time, in which the audience would by then decode it easily. (possibly knowing what to expect)
The demand within the record label or company to have close ups of the artist.
Different genres and iconography that occurs within music videos, linking them within each genre. For example- Rock/heavy metal bands, normally consist of them playing live in the music video.
The relationship between the music and the artists/ mis en scene/ props and general look of the music video. For example- heavy metal bands would not be in a field full of flowers, holding teddy bears. Yet sometimes the do contradict.
The relationship between the lyrics of the song and the visuals.
3. 1. Skinny Genes
Lyrics and visuals
The first this I can see is the use of animation. It is almost like each scene transition rips into another. This links with the song- taking of those skinny jeans. The motion of ripping of jeans is displayed when using those transitions.
Also the song implies feelings of deep understanding for the lover in question. Therefore, the animation periods indicate this also.
She also uses a clothing line to take unpin clothing showing the literal as well as the metaphorical.
The audience could decode with text two ways- either by looking at the literal meaning or/and looking at the metaphorical response.
There is also the sense of fun within the artist- Eliza Doolittle- retaliating to the fun side of the song. For example, she is suggesting she does not mind ifher boyfriend is annoying towards her.
The lighting is very bright- coming from studio lights all over the room- creating a powerful sense of joy in the song. (if you read between the lyrics and look at the visuals you can see that she is promoting herself to be a happy- go lucky person, who looks at the joys in life)
Music and visuals
This is a physical and highly stylizedpresentation of the artist, due to her relationship towards the camera and most importantly the audience. What I mean by this is, within the chorus of the song she dances towards the camera, thus engaging with the audience- rather than a narrative.
This is another point to be made- there is not a narrative to this music video. If there is not a story to tell, what is the message that this text is encoding? The answer is within the metaphoric symbols she uses. For example, the animation which resembles fragile paper which can be ripped apart and/or away.This can tell the audience thatshe is promoting her strong and independent- look- as most of the transitions show her ripping it. Also, this song is about her intimate love for her boyfriend, which is shown through the contrast of the tumbling cards and the chorus of the song- in which she dances to, using comical gesturesfor the word fight.The comparisons, again, promote that sense of happiness within the singer. (if you look at her other videos,she is also portraying that happy look and relaxed way of life)
4. Continued
As you can see on the two top right pictures the paper affect shows a lot about the representation and ideologies of a middle class women. (This is proved by her dress- she is wearing jeans and sings about how she loves sex with her man). This is done by the use of and animation. (using a green screen).
Women look at other women in the way of comparing or looking through a reflective surface. What is interesting about this video , is that the ideologies of the middle class women are being pushed t the audience. ( The ideals being, her dress code and the assumption she isworkingin a middle paid job and she is a London girl, so she conforms to what a typical girl would do within that culture). This drives her star power even more creating a good life- and saying, it is not perfect, but I am happy with it.
5. Continued....
Style and Iconography
I would think that this music video would come under the genre of pop, as it doesnt differ from most pop songs. It would be placed in the class of Lily Allen- due to the music it self and the way it was sung.(the iconography and star construction of Lily Allen has lead me to compare this artist to her, thus showing Lily Allen style. )
As it is in the pop genre there are some common conventions that appear such as the use of close ups, yet there are some differences which do over weigh it. The animation/ stop motion and transitions make it seem retro. (the close ups are to reveal all her emotion and happiness, thus engaging with the audience.)
The use of bold colours such as blue, pink, creamy white and yellow, are in the background so they dont take over the whole screen. This is what the audience expects if they were to see a retro video made today.
The audience would also be able to see this within the clothing and mis en scene within the music video.
The artist herself, seems to have some empowerment over this video. The fact she dances freely and stares directly into the camera, shows she has confidence within her own style, thus the audience wanting to aspire to be her.
Demand from record company.
The use of the camera is very interesting. The camera does stay static most of the time- panning left and right on the odd occasion when she is dancing or tracking her as she walks down the hall. This is to help focus the attention to her and what she is saying.
Also retro shots are normally shot at a slightly higher angle- encoding the information that it is a retro style.
When looking at the video, on YouTube, I could see peoples comments indicate their understanding of the song. (some differ from others a little but most say generally the same thing).
A good example of a record label asking for close ups is for Lady gaga and her music videos. In Poker face she has countless close ups and mid shots, focusing on her image and persona. Eliza Doolittle does this on a different level because it is not just about chorography, but it is also the words of the song. (This is shown by the lack of chorography, within the video)
It is more on a metaphoric level.
6. Continued.....
Star image
How did she create her star image? And does she keep this consistent throughout her videos?
Yes she does. If we looked at her other song- pack it up, you would be able to see her retro style shown by her clothing/ style of music and overall look of her music videos. (which are her main selling points to convey in front of a young audience).
Her artistic power, gives her control over what she wears and how the audience will see this. For example, will they wear the same things that she is wearing? Would it affect what shops they go to? For example, would some one listening to a gothic rock song go into a pop culture, clubbing store? (though there would be some exceptions, there are so many of the same people, yet the media loves the generalise us, which then drives the star power and its influences).
The music vehicle is the one the drives the stlye and sends it flooding towards us. This helps the audience when decoding a media text, such as a music video. In this case, she is promoting her happy-go-lucky nature and relaxed view about life- people want to aspire to this. (mis en scene- bold colours and metaphoric natures- show this).
Representation and voyeurism
Within this video, she is seen as the independent artist- engaging with her eyes on the camera. Another way of talking about it would be to say that it is the camera that is flowing her about and watching her. She is clearly wanting this to happen, however, because she wants to engage the audience to her song.
There isnt anybody else watching her within the video but there are points that show a mens point of view when looking at women. It starts of with the camera work.It sometimes follows down to her curves and the thigh area- like in many other pop videos in that genre. In this case, when then look at her from the perspective of a heterosexual man.
However, through the nature of the song, it wouldnt surprise me because she is engaging with the camera and clearly likes it. Possibly showing that this she is talking to her lover also- who can also be the audience.
7. In Comparison to...
A heavy metal genre.....
For example, if we look at Amaranth by Night wish, at the beginning the music is calm which depicts the overall scene at that time. Thisreminds me ofclassical music and how they tell stories and paint a picture though the music. However this all changes when the drums/ guitar etc... come into play. The pace of the cuts become faster and show images of an fallen angel with blood and other gothic images. Again, this relates to the music and represents the epic style of the heavy metal genre.
I can see how they also act around their instruments. For example if we look at the guitarist in the video, we can see that he dances with it- for example head banging. The hair plays a huge part because it shows his hard rock image. I have noticed that this look when playing the guitar is very popular. If you see the advert for guitar hero, they don't play the guitar softly. (though the advert is showing the representation of women a bit differently)
I am comparing it to the heavy metal genre because they representation of women is very different to the pop genre. For example the narrative is different because Amaranth has religio